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AllianceDuncan Senturus
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Title Lord
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Paladin
Affiliation(s) Alliance of Lordaeron, Knights of the Silver Hand
Occupation Knight of the Silver Hand
Status Deceased
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Duncan Senturus was a paladin of the Silver Hand towards the end of the Second War.[1] He was the son of a wealthy lord.[1] The gray-bearded paladin and a detachment of his men encountered Rhonin — on a mission by the Kirin Tor to travel to Khaz Modan — and Vereesa Windrunner as they made their way to the port of Hasic. Though Duncan (and indeed, most paladins) were distrustful of "wizards", his bias was tempered somewhat by Vereesa. After discovering that Hasic had been almost completely destroyed, Rhonin, Vereesa, and Duncan were forced to join up with Falstad Dragonreaver and his wing of gryphon riders in order for Rhonin to reach Khaz Modan. While en route, they were ambushed by Dragonmaw dragonriders. Duncan was killed in the ensuing battle after defeating one of the dragonriders.[2]

Duncan's beliefs[]

  • Duncan and those under his command had a belief much like the ones currently followed by the Clerics of Northshire. He believed in a "higher power" and a hell-like underworld. He believed people could sin and must confess their sins to clean their souls. He viewed evil and sin as being ungodly and devilish.
  • Like many of his order, he hated spellcasters such as wizards and mages, seeing them as damned souls that communed with demons.

Paladins under Duncan's command[]


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