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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Dungeoneers are scouts who focuses on exploits beneath the earth, rather than above. His class features are adjusted accordingly.[1]

Scouts excel at wilderness survival. They are valuable trackers and ambushers. Many scouts operate alone, but others provide reconnaissance for military forces, either on a permanent or mercenary basis. Races like the naga, satyrs, and tuskarr make heavy use of scouts. They range through forests, mountains, and tundra searching out danger and eliminating it.

Yet, an entire, other world exists beneath their feet — or so some believe. Caverns and tunnels, some natural, some the work of ancient civilizations (like Azjol-Nerub of the nerubians) or powerful entities (like Uldaman of the titans), some crafted by more recent creatures, riddle Azeroth’s surface. The creatures who spend most of their lives in these dark places are myriad: the Dark Iron dwarves, faceless ones, kobolds, and nerubians to name a few.

These subterranean realms demand a different sort of scout. Dungeoneers focus their efforts on the dark, enclosed places underground, which allows them to triumph in all dungeonlike areas. They move assuredly through the darkness, helping their comrades avoid danger and preemptively striking at their enemies.[2]

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