Dusklight Hollow.

Scorpion nest.

Dusklight Hollow is found between the Dusklight Bridge and the Gao-Ran Battlefront of southern Townlong Steppes, high above Ambermarsh to the south. Base of Lao-Chin's Shado-Pan, Dusklight Hollow uses the hollowed out interior of the great tree, which fell to the soutwest some time ago, forming the Dusklight Bridge to Townlong Steppes.

The Sha of Hatred passed through on the way from Hatred's Vice to Sik'vess, maddening the local scorpions. The Dusklight Initiates were ill-equipped to handle the Seething Fleshrippers, and were quickly cut down. Initiate Pao-Me alone survived the attack, as the main forces under Lao-Chin's command were at the Dusklight Bridge at the time.

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