Duskwatch Subjugator

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MobDuskwatch Subjugator
Image of Duskwatch Subjugator
Gender Both
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Level 45
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Duskwatch
Location Astravar Harbor, Suramar City
Status Killable

Duskwatch Subjugators are nightborne located in Astravar Harbor in Suramar City.


  • Ability mage arcanebarrage.png  Arcane Bolt — Hurls a bolt of energy at an enemy, inflicting Arcane damage. 


Objective of


  • Arash-falas...
  • Elisande must be stopped!
  • Elisande will praise me for killing you!
  • I cannot believe what Elisande is doing to her own people. I must fight back!
  • I kept quiet when the demons came, but this... this is unspeakable.
  • I knew there were others! I will no longer bloody my hands for Elisande!
  • I thought I was the only one... I stand with the Dusk Lily!
  • Rebel! I will end you!
  • This is too much... if I must be labeled a traitor then so be it!
  • Traitor!
  • You are one of them! Die, interloper!
  • You dare show yourself here!? Die, fiend!

On click

  • "Tanu'balah."
  • "What is your wish?"
  • "We will rebuild the world."
  • "We see the stars once more."
  • "The nightborne are eternal."
  • "Ash'thoras danil."
  • "Ishnal Toreth."
  • "You wish to speak?"
  • "Greeting."
  • "The Shal'dorei are eternal."
  • "May I help you?"
  • "Alright, enough."
  • "Are you looking for trouble?"
  • "Because you're about to find some."
  • "That is it, see if I invite you to my promotion party."
  • "How about you go bug someone else for a while."
  • "Look, I just wanna finish my shift, and usher in a new era for Azeroth."
  • "Can you let me do that? Will you let me do my ushering?"
  • "I should have taken that post in Azshara."

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