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Dwarven golem

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Dwarven golem
Lumbering Golem.jpg
Classification Large Construct
Faction/Affiliation Dark Iron clan, Alliance, Old Gods' forces, earthen
Racial capital Alliance Shadowforge City
Neutral Blackwing Descent
Neutral Stonehearth
Racial leader(s) Alliance  Moira Thaurissan
Neutral  Nefarian
Neutral  Stonefather Oremantle
Area(s) Blackwing Descent, Deepholm, Ashran, Gorgrond

Dwarven golems are a type of golem created by dwarves in their own image. The ones in Blackwing Descent were created centuries ago and were considered the dwarves' greatest tactical achievements.[1] They are likely related to the war golems.

Some are also in the service of the earthen of Deepholm.