E'ko is a Zandali term referring to the life force,[1] the spiritual power,[2] that each creature possesses.[3] Different creatures possess different e'ko and when one of these creatures are killed a bit of e'ko sometimes comes out. The witch doctor Mau'ari is able to make this force manifest in the form of physical items that can be collected, and knows incantations that transform e'ko into juju.[4][5]

Types of E'ko

Quest E'ko Type Need to Defeat Buffing Item
Chillwind E'ko  [Chillwind E'ko] Chillwind Chimaeras  [Juju Chill]
Frostmaul E'ko  [Frostmaul E'ko] Frostmaul Giants  [Juju Might]
Frostsaber E'ko  [Frostsaber E'ko] Frostsaber Cats  [Juju Flurry]
Ice Thistle E'ko  [Ice Thistle E'ko] Ice Thistle Yetis  [Juju Escape]
Shardtooth E'ko  [Shardtooth E'ko] Shardtooth Bears  [Juju Ember]
Wildkin E'ko  [Wildkin E'ko] Winterspring Owlbeasts  [Juju Guile]
Winterfall E'ko  [Winterfall E'ko] Winterfall Furbolgs  [Juju Power]


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

E'ko is very likely the Zandali term for Spirit, the life force of all living creatures, similar to how pandaren call it Chi.

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