NeutralEarthcaller Franzahl
Image of Earthcaller Franzahl
Gender Male
Race High elf (Humanoid)
Level 30-35 Elite
Location Darkwhisper Gorge, Mount Hyjal[78.4, 71.4]
Unknown (Lore)
Status Alive
Student(s) Krixix (former student)

Earthcaller Franzahl is a level 62 high elf studying the known and unknown elements of Azeroth, currently doing so above the Darkwhisper Gorge in Mount Hyjal. He had one apprentice, named Krixix, whom Franzahl believes is dead.

Franzahl will tell you how to smelt elementium by directing you to Krixix if you have one of the parts of  [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker].


Earthcaller Franzahl in Cataclysm.

Originally stationed in Darkwhisper Gorge when it was part of Winterspring, he is now standing on top of a mountain east of the Gates of Sothann, still overlooking the area, and is not known to be involved in any new quests. However, he inexplicably phases out when you start doing the Twilight's Hammer quests in Darkwhisper Gorge.


I study the known and unknown elements of our world.

Gossip Are you the Earthshaper capable of creating Elementium?

Elementium? I have not heard that word uttered from the mouth of a mortal in decades.

Gossip What do you know of it, Franzahl?

A former student of mine by the name of Krixix spent a lifetime attempting to make contact with the chained Gods of the underworld. He pursued that which would spring up from the ravaged earth... That which would form only as a result of the elements clashing in the titanic conflict.
Elementium as it would be known to mortals.
One day, nearly a decade ago, Krixix's pursuit lead to a fissure forming in this very gorge.

Gossip A fissure?

Aye, he had done what was thought to be impossible. Out from the fissure sprung an agent of Therazane!
From my vantage point, I could see the goblin holding conversation with the agent of the Old God. What happened after that was terrible...

Gossip So what happened?

The fissure closed and Krixix was gone! Swallowed whole!
Be warned, <race>, what you wish for could very well become that which you do not want. You play with beings and arcana that are older than time itself!
Should Krixix be alive and should he have the information which you seek, you can be certain that he will not give up said information. He has faced terrors far worse than you could ever dream to perpetuate.

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