NeutralEarthcaller Torunscar
Image of Earthcaller Torunscar
Gender Male
Race Jungle troll (Humanoid)
Level 30-35 Elite
Class Shaman
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Earthen Ring
Occupation Earthcaller
Location Ring of the Elements, Twilight Highlands[44.1, 10.5]
Status Deceased

Earthcaller Torunscar is a jungle troll member of the Earthen Ring. Torunscar first appeared during the Elemental Unrest in Orgrimmar.

He is a quest giver found in both Deepholm and at the Ring of the Elements in the Twilight Highlands. He helps lead the Earthen Ring forces against the forces of Therazane until enough good will had been build up between the two sides that they could talk. At which point Tornscar becomes the advocate for the Earthen Ring in Therazane court hoping to gain enough support that she might give over the third piece of the World Pillar.

After Therzane hands over the fragment of the world pillar, he helps with the ritual and the defense of the Temple of Earth as they were attacked by the Twilight's Hammer. As was part of the agreement with Therazane he and other members of the Earthen Ring leave Deepholm for the Twilight Highlands.

In the Twilight Highlands he helps lead the Earthen Ring against Iso'rath. The fight goes well until the leaders of the attack on Iso'rath are drawn into a nightmare. Once free of the nightmare Torunscar and the Earthen Ring are able to destroy Iso'rath brain.

He later aids Thrall in delivering the Dragon Soul to Wyrmrest Temple, but is killed by faceless ones (It is possible for him to survive and make it to the temple, however, he will despawn during Archbishop encounter).[1]


Twilight Highlands



Dere be nothin' chaotic about dis attack. Da elementals and giants be organizin' against us. It be seemin' dat somehow we've earned da ire of Therazane, da Stonemother herself.

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