Earthshaper Telu

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MobEarthshaper Telu
Image of Earthshaper Telu
Race Botani (Humanoid)
Level 102 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Verdant Grove, Everbloom
Status Killable

Ancient Protectors
Xeri'tac (optional)
Archmage Sol


Earthshaper Telu is one of three bosses in the second encounter in the Everbloom dungeon.


  • Spell nature wrathv2.png  Nature's Wrath Interruptible — Earthshaper Telu blasts a random player, inflicting 11400 to 12600 Nature damage. 
  • Spell druid massentanglement.png  Bramble Patch Interruptible — Earthshaper Telu conjures a patch of brambles under a random player for 45 sec. The brambles inflict 15000 Nature damage every 1 sec. and slows movement speed by 55%. 
  • Inv misc thornnecklace.png  Briarskin Interruptible Magic Effect — Earthshaper Telu protects an ally with briars for 8 sec. This effect reduces all damage taken by 75% and inflicts 16625 to 18375 Nature damage to attackers. 

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