The Eastern Earthshrine

The Earthshrine as seen from Stormwind Keep

The pandaren shrine near the Eastern Earthshrine

The Eastern Earthshrine is a ritual circle erected by the Earthen Ring for use by the Alliance. It is located in the city of Stormwind, in the middle of a lake northwest of Stormwind Keep. Its Horde counterpart is the Western Earthshrine in Orgrimmar.

A small pandaren shrine was added along the shore of the lake near the Eastern Earthshrine. This is the location of the dragon turtle vendor for the Tushui Pandaren. There was previously a portal to Paw'don Village in Pandaria's Jade Forest located in its vicinity, provided after completing the opening questline.[1] However, most of Stormwind's portals to non-Cataclysm regions have been grouped together and moved to the Wizard's Sanctum.


The Earthshrine has portals to Tol Barad and to all of the new zones in Cataclysm. At first, only the portal to Tol Barad is active (although it is restricted to level 85), and the others must be unlocked by completing the initial introductory quest for each area.


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