Eastern Hospitality

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NeutralEastern Hospitality
Start Belloc Brightblade [24.4, 64.5]
End Belloc Brightblade [24.4, 64.5]
Level 83 (Requires 83)
Category Uldum
Experience 43900
Rewards 8g 60s
Previous  [Efficient Excavations]
Next N [83] A Favor for the Furrier,  [The Desert Fox], N [83] Dirty Birds


Belloc Brightblade wants you to mingle with the guests at Schnottz's Landing.


The commander is quite busy now, I'm afraid.

The demands of an operation such as this require much of his attention these days.

While you wait to speak with him, why don't you mingle with some of our guests?

We have invited a variety of Azeroth's most illustrious figures to be present when we unlock the secrets of this region.

I am confident that you will find them most captivating


You will receive: 8g 60s


Well, hello again, <class>.


I trust that you had no troubles fitting in with our guests, hmm?


Don't forget to take this opportunity to mingle with Evax Oilspark, the flightmaster in camp. There is also an Arcane Guest Registry functioning as an innkeeper in the western building.


  1. N [83] Eastern Hospitality
  2. N [83] A Favor for the Furrier / N [83] The Desert Fox
  3. N [83] Idolatry / N [83] Angered Spirits / N [83] Fashionism
  4. N [83] Gobbles!
  5. N [83] Make Yourself Useful
  6. N [83] Crisis Management
  7. N [83] Battlezone
  8. N [83] Missed Me By Zhat Much!
  9. Complete all of:
  10. N [83] Firing Squad

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