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HordeEcho of Garrosh Hellscream
Start Anachronos
End Chief Telemancer Oculeth
Level 40-70
Category Mag'har Orc
Previous H [40-70] Echo of Warlord Zaela
Next H [40-70] Restoring Old Bonds


Meet Anachronos outside the gates of Orgrimmar, then defeat the Echo of Garrosh within the Siege of Orgrimmar.


Our final destination will take us to the depths beneath your city of Orgrimmar.

The way there is barred, but I can get us inside.

Meet me outside the gates of Orgrimmar and we will descend together.


There are still some who believe Garrosh was a great leader.


Yes, this thrums with power! This is precisely what I needed.


Meet Anachronos at Rocktusk Farm outside of Orgrimmar and speak with him. [40.7, 16.3]VZ-DurotarBlip

I would not be aiding you with this task if I did not believe it was important.
Gossip I am ready to seek the Echo of Garrosh.

Anachronos teleports you into the Inner Sanctum in the Siege of Orgrimmar.

Anachronos says: Garrosh Hellscream... Such a pity how things turned out.
Anachronos says: In countless potential timelines, he was seen as a great hero of his people. Some called him the Horde's greatest warchief.
Anachronos says: What you saw here was one of his worst possible incarnations. A waste.

Leap down into the room and click the time portal.

Echo of Garrosh Hellscream says: I am your death.
Echo of Garrosh Hellscream yells: My people should have taken this world long ago during the First War, but they fell to corruption. In their weakness, they allowed the pitiful races of Azeroth to join the Horde. I will succeed where they have failed, and no power in this world can stop me!
Echo of Garrosh Hellscream yells: For the True Horde!
Echo of Garrosh Hellscream yells: Blood and Thunder!
Echo of Garrosh Hellscream yells: Witness the power of the True Horde's arsenal!

Should the player die:

Echo of Garrosh Hellscream yells: Weak.

Defeat the echo while avoiding his whirlwinds and the Kor'kron iron stars.

Echo of Garrosh Hellscream yells: No... It cannot this...What I... What I have seen...
Anachronos says: Even as a reverberation of the past, Garrosh was a formidable foe.
Anachronos says: I sense the threads of fate upon you. You are indeed worthy of what is to come next.
Anachronos says: Had there been any doubt, I would never have allowed the shard to fall into the wrong hands. Not again.
Anachronos says: Go. Return to Oculeth. With the shard restored, he can send you to the place you seek.

Return to Oculeth in the Hall of Ancient Paths in Dazar'alor on your own.

  • This version of the Siege of Orgrimmar has no map, instead it shows the Azeroth world map.
  • Should you die, you spawn in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, but it won't allow you to enter with the regular Siege of Orgrimmar portal, nor can you teleport yourself back to the scenario since upon dying you are removed from the group. Instead, you have to revive yourself at the Spirit Healer and return to Anachronos in Durotar.


  1. H [40-70] Vision of Time
  2. H [40-70] Caverns of Time
  3. H [40-70] Echo of Gul'dan
  4. H [40-70] Echo of Warlord Zaela
  5. H [40-70] Echo of Garrosh Hellscream
  6. H [40-70] Restoring Old Bonds
  7. H [40-70] Calling Out the Clans
  8. H [40-70] Bonds Forged Through Battle
  9. H [40-70] Tyranny of the Light
  10. H [40-70] The Uncorrupted

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