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NeutralEcho of Medivh
Image of Echo of Medivh
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Karazhan

Echo of Medivh is a projection of Medivh that serves as the main opponent during the Chess Event in Karazhan.

There are actually several echoes in Karazhan. They take the shape of visions, revealing past events to the tower's guests. Others assume more malevolent forms, recalling a time when the Guardian's will was not his own.[1]

At the start of the war against the Lich King, an echo of Medivh summoned his son Med'an to Karazhan. When Med'an arrived, the echo explained that it was not Medivh himself, but rather an avatar or vessel of his power that had been waiting for many years to deliver the message that Medivh left for his son prior to his final departure from Azeroth. The projection stated that "I am gone now. Only this, my last echo, remains on Azeroth". The illusion recounted Medivh's life story to ensure that Med'an would understand his history and not repeat his father's mistakes. When Med'an asked what his father wanted him to do, Medivh's echo replied that he and Garona's fates were fixed before they were born, but Med'an's path and destiny would be of his own choosing. This was Medivh's greatest gift to his son, and he asked that Med'an use it wisely in whatever game he chose to play.[2]


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