Eco-Dome Farfield

Inside, showing a raptor nest

Eco-Dome Farfield is the eco-dome situated in the northern Netherstorm. Unlike the other domes, this one is almost exclusively inhabited by raptors, and the monstrous Devilsaur Tyrantus. In the middle of the encapsulated forest, there's a deep ravine so one should watch his own steps. The eco-dome is hard to reach because the outside area is guarded by the Colossi of Netherstone.

Farfield serves as the testing ground for the experimental portable generator repair kit used to repair the generators maintaining the large domes. However, the dangerous Scythetooth raptors in the dome make it all but impossible to safely test the equipment and must be thinned out before any progress can be made. In addition, the goblins, Action Jaxon and Audi the Needle have been secretly stashing dome generator segments in the raptor nests of Farfield in order to retrieve them later for more intensive study.

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