Egg Them On!

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NeutralEgg Them On!
Upper Blackrock Spire
Level 100 (615)
Duration 8 hours
Followers 3
Mission Type Combat
Enemies IconSmall OrcGray Male.gif Orebender Gor'ashan
IconSmall OrcGray Male.gif Commander Tharbek
IconSmall Zaela.gif Warlord Zaela
Cost 15 Garrison Resources
Follower XP 1,500


The druids fear that the proto-drake populations are plummeting. Rescue their eggs from Warlord Zaela's army in Upper Blackrock Spire.


  • Type: Mountains
  • Commander Tharbek: Powerful Spell
  • Ragewing the Untamed: Timed Battle
  • Warlord Zaela: Massive Strike


  • 1,500 follower XP

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