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Image of Eidre
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Mage
Affiliation(s) Kirin Tor
Location Unknown
Status Unknown (presumed deceased)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Eidre was a human mage student of Dalaran and former fiancée of Alodi, who lived more than 2,600 years ago before the First War. Her parents owned some land by Brightwater Lake. Her family approved of her engagement with Alodi in the hopes that their marriage would bring more magic into their family that they could use to grow crops and further their land's prosperity. After Alodi became involved with Council of Tirisfal, his new duties to the secret Council strained their relationship. She grew distressed when her mother, her land, and her people were being plagued by the demon Kathra'natir and caused her father's death. Having to leave Dalaran to look after the family lands and estate as the only heir, she urged Alodi to leave with her and get married, but he explained that he couldn't because of his duties. Becoming highly upset, she broke off their engagement to his sadness.

The next time she saw Alodi was when he flying a phoenix to Brightwater Lake, while she was caring for her ailing mother at her bedside. At first she thought he had come for her and called out to him, but then realized he was there to confront Kathra'natir. She witnessed Alodi vanquish the demon, and was overjoyed to have her mother's health greatly improve because of it. Through this experience, she came to realize that Alodi's staying in Dalaran and his role as Guardian of Tirisfal had helped her and all her people much greater than if he left it behind and married her, and by extension, how he could help the world as Guardian. She made her peace with the end of their relationship, understanding that Alodi being Guardian was more important and thus wished him well in her heart.[1]