Elder Rise

Elder Rise is directly east of the central bluff and is the home of the Cenarion Circle in Thunder Bluff. Many tauren druids and priests reside here and provide training. The Arch Druid Hamuul Runetotem resides here. Before her exile, the leader of the Grimtotem tribe, Magatha Grimtotem, used to inhabit the hut between the two bridges. Elder Rise connects to high rise and middle rise by separate rope bridges.

Elder Rise holds the governing Council of Elders and also members of the Cenarion Circle.[1]

During Saurfang's rebellion, Elder Rise was defended by Highmountain tauren led by Mayla Highmountain as well as Huojin and Tushui pandaren led by Ji Firepaw and Aysa Cloudsinger respectively.

After the Fourth War, Rexxar and Zekhan visited the rise and met with the trainers. They were happy to hear that the Horde Council wished them health and safety, and the elders stated few needs from their people, in addition of healing.[2]



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