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Start Wizbang Cranktoggle
End Wizbang Cranktoggle
Level 12 (Requires 10)
Category Fishing
Experience 900
Rewards  [Aquadynamic Fish Lens]
Previous A Fishing [12] Gaffer Jacks


Bring 12 Electropellers to Wizbang Cranktoggle in Auberdine.


We know you're lucky, but... just how lucky are you, <name>;?

One night I was wandering the roads of Darkshore. I was looking for a good river or lake to try my new self-propelled, exploding duck decoy and I think I was a little tipsy... because I passed out and awoke hours later in Auberdine. My hair was singed and my bag of electropellers was gone! I must have dropped them in the water!

I need those electropellers! Maybe you can fish them out of some lake or stream in Darkshore...


You will receive: 5s


Did you find any electropellers? I'll need them if I'm to continue my research on duck decoys...


I can't believe it! You found them! You are the best fisherman I've ever seen!

Thank you, <name>. And here, take these. Although you're so good and you probably don't need them, they will help you with your fishing.


The Electropellers can be found in any fresh-water (non-ocean) body of water in Darkshore, such as the Wildbend River[40, 74] or the Cliffspring River. They can be fished up with any successful cast unless the line is inside a Lesser Oily Blackmouth School.


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