Elemental Tampering

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HordeElemental Tampering
Start Bovaal Whitehorn
End Bovaal Whitehorn
Level 15 (Requires 13)
Type Dungeon
Category Ragefire Chasm
Experience 800 experience
Reputation 500 reputation with Orgrimmar
Rewards 27s


Obtain 6 Searing Bindings.


The Searing Blade's warlocks have enslaved Ragefire Chasm's elemental spirits, <name>. They aren't a threat to the city while my spell keeps them at bay, but I can't maintain it much longer.

Bring me six of the Searing Bindings used to control them and I will release their spirits back into the Chasm.


You will receive: 27s


Do you have the bindings?


Thank you, <class>. The Molten Elementals' spirits are finally back to rest.


  1. H [16D] Taragaman the Hungerer

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