Elemental ingredients are ingredients based on elemental origins.

Table of elemental items

Item level Air Earth Fire Water Life Shadow Mana
25 WoW Icon update.png  [Elemental Air]  [Elemental Earth]  [Elemental Fire]  [Elemental Water]
45 WoW Icon update.png  [Breath of Wind]  [Core of Earth]  [Heart of Fire]  [Globe of Water]  [Heart of the Wild]  [Ichor of Undeath]
55 WoW Icon update.png  [Essence of Air]  [Essence of Earth]  [Essence of Fire]  [Essence of Water]  [Living Essence]  [Essence of Undeath]
65 Bc icon.gif  [Mote of Air]
 [Primal Air]
 [Mote of Earth]
 [Primal Earth]
 [Mote of Fire]
 [Primal Fire]
 [Mote of Water]
 [Primal Water]
 [Mote of Life]
 [Primal Life]
 [Mote of Shadow]
 [Primal Shadow]
 [Mote of Mana]
 [Primal Mana]
75 Wrath of the Lich King  [Crystallized Air]
 [Eternal Air]
 [Crystallized Earth]
 [Eternal Earth]
 [Crystallized Fire]
 [Eternal Fire]
 [Crystallized Water]
 [Eternal Water]
 [Crystallized Life]
 [Eternal Life]
 [Crystallized Shadow]
 [Eternal Shadow]
83 Cataclysm  [Volatile Air]  [Volatile Earth]  [Volatile Fire]  [Volatile Water]  [Volatile Life]

In addition to the direct elements, there are outlying items:

Transmuted combinations
Limiting items

These are primarily drops from Heroic instance and raid bosses, though other means of acquiring them exist. They are not necessarily 'elemental' in nature, but are often thought of in that fashion.

Acquiring elemental items

Level 25, 45, and 55 items can be acquired by looting elementals of the appropriate varieties. Generally, the higher level the mob, the greater the chance of getting that item.

Nature aspected items can be gained from bog monsters, treants, and similar creatures. Undeath aspected items can be gained from various scourge creatures (generally in Eastern Plaguelands and the two instances, Scholomance and Stratholme).

Level 65 and 75 items can also be gained from elemental type creatures, including 'mana elementals'. For this purpose, Voidwalker type creatures count as 'shadow elementals'. In addition, earth and fire elements can be acquired through mining, and life elements through herbalism. Further, Engineers can use the  [Zapthrottle Mote Extractor] to harvest various varieties of mote or crystallized substance from  [Transmutation Master]

Lastly, many elemental items can be transmuted from one form to another through use of the Alchemy skill.

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