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Members of the Twilight's Hammer inside the Stonecore, adding elementium armor to Deathwing's body.

"Elementium possesses traits unlike any other metal on Azeroth."
— Zane the Sniper[1]

Elementium is a form of metal native to the Elemental Plane.[citation needed]  It is created from the volatility of the Old Gods in their conflict with their minions.[2][3] Ages ago, Neltharion had his drogbar slaves experiment with ways to merge the elements into a binding ore. He believed it would be the ultimate tool in his rise to power. There were at least fifty attempts.[4]

It is warm to the touch.[5] Pure elementium items, which require extremely skillful craftmanship, are flawless and indestructible.[6]

It was revealed that the Twilight's Hammer forged a new set of armor plates made of elementium for Deathwing.[7] The cultists of the Twilight's Hammer use their powers to draw elementium metal from deep beneath the earth. They coax it out into twisted spikes to form their buildings, rooted right into the defiled ground. Elementium spikes are still pliable and brittle shortly after being weaved from the ground and can be "plucked" before they harden.[8]

Sulfuras is an enormous mace of flaming red elementium.[9]

During the Burning Legion's third invasion, the drogbar found it in the Deep Roads of Highmountain.[10]


Before Cataclysm there were various obtainable items associated with elementium, out of which only  [Enchanted Elementium Bar] was crafted by the adventurers. The rest was either created by NPC's from elementium ore or bars they supplied, or appeared to be created at least partially with elementium. Whenever something was made from elementium, it was always quite extraordinary and/or expensive.

All of the final quest rewards from:

With the coming of Cataclysm however, elementium has become a much more common material, mostly because of the now easily accessible Elemental Planes, and summoning of the veins by the Twilight's Hammer cultists all around Azeroth. Ever since all craftsmen adapted the use of these materials in various of their plans, schematics, patterns and recipes.

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Elementium is an extremely rare metal, found only in some of the most remote regions of Azeroth. It is believed by archaeologists to have been formed during the prehistoric reign of the Old Gods, in places where there were high concentrations of elemental creatures. In fact, elementium isn’t native to Azeroth, and is found only near high concentrations of elemental creatures because they bring it from the Elemental Plane where it is actually quite common. The unique properties of elementium allow it to absorb and channel elemental forces. Skilled smiths temper elementium in blistering forges, adding to the quality of the item.[11] Elementium is so heavy that to craft armor from it would leave the wearer virtually immobile, so the metal is usually only used to craft weapons.[11]

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