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AllianceElena Mograine
Image of Elena Mograine
Gender Female
Race Human
Location Buried in Brill
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Alexandros (husband), Renault, Darion (sons)
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

“I miss you, Elena, more with every passing day. I miss your unshakable faith. I miss the light that danced in your eyes. I pray with all my heart that you've found eternal peace.”

— Alexandros at Elena's grave[1]

Elena Mograine was the wife of Alexandros Mograine and mother of both his sons, Renault and Darion. According to Alexandros, Elena was like Darion, holding a quiet strength in contrast to how Alexandros and Renault were brash, headstrong, and aggressive. She died from complications during the birth of Darion and was buried outside the Mograine family home[1] in Brill.[2] Alexandros believed that a part of Elena lived on in Darion and was highly protective of him as a result.[1]

After Alexandros was murdered by Renault and raised into undeath by Kel'Thuzad, he was tormented by false visions of his family, including one of a monstrous undead Elena who rose from her grave to attack him and tell him that she harbored only hatred for him and Darion, who "stole" her life when he was born.[3] Renault himself was plagued by guilt for betraying his father and suffered a recurring nightmare in which he was once again a young boy and his mother told him that he would be punished for what he had done. To make the nightmares stop, Renault traveled to Brill and smashed Elena's gravestone with his hammer, declaring that he was a man now and didn't need her anymore. He then told the Scarlet soldiers who had accompanied him to burn down the Mograine homestead. As he walked away from the conflagration, Renault simply said "Goodbye, mother".[2]

While meditating at Scrolls of Remembrance in Agthia's Repose in the company of Necrolord adventurers, one of the burdens Alexandros encountered was a vision of Elena. He realized that if he had been sent to Bastion instead of Maldraxxus, he would have been made to forget about her.[4]


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Elena's model during N [60] All I Ever Will Be depicts her in paladin armor, indicating she may have been a Knight of the Silver Hand like her husband and sons.



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