Elixir of Pain (2)

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HordeElixir of Pain
Start Apothecary Lydon
End Stanley
Level 24 (Requires 21)
Category Hillsbrad Foothills
Experience 1450
Reputation Undercity:+75
Previous H [24] Elixir of Pain


Feed the Elixir of Pain to Stanley.


Ah, nothing like the smell of fresh blood in the foothills!

Now we'll mix in a touch of this and a little of that and let the real fun begin! What I have created with this blood, I like to call an Elixir of Pain. If my calculations are correct this concoction could be the start of something very beautiful for Lady Sylvanas. But what we need is a test.

Take this elixir out to the northern farm in Hillsbrad Fields to the southwest. Let's see how Farmer Ray's little dog Stanley likes this "treat."


You will receive:




You pour some of the elixir into your hand and hold it before Stanley's mouth.


  • Stanley is outside the large house on the north side of the fields. After completing the quest, he transforms into a level 24 wolf. Make sure to kill him, as he's worth about 700 experience.


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