AllianceElixirs for the Bladeleafs
Start Syral Bladeleaf
End Syral Bladeleaf
Level 1-30
Category Alchemy
Experience 700
Reputation Darnassus +250
Rewards  [Earthroot] (6) and  [Mageroyal] (6)
2s 25c

Elixirs for the Bladeleafs is an Alliance only alchemy quest in Teldrassil, the night elf starting zone. In this quest, players are asked by Syral Bladeleaf the cook to create some potions for their shop. Note that you must have at least 20 alchemy skill level to receive this quest.


Bring 6 Elixirs of Lion's Strength and 2 Elixirs of Minor Defense to Syral Bladeleaf in Dolanaar.


Our herb and alchemy shop is booming, but my husband spends so much time mixing potions that we never have time for each other.

Can you help us?

If you can bring me a supply of pre-made elixirs, then I would be happy to trade with you. I have some rare herbs that you might find useful.


Hello, <name>. Do you have the elixirs to trade?


These are nicely mixed. You take great care in your trade, <name>, and that is important for an alchemist.

Here are your herbs, freshly gathered. May you use them well.


You will receive: 2s 25c

 [Earthroot] (6) and  [Mageroyal] (6)


Obtaining this quest

You must have the Primary profession alchemy at a skill level of at least 20 to obtain this quest. You can train it from another NPC in Dolanaar, Cyndra Kindwhisper. Once you have the required skill level, talk to Syral Bladeleaf in front of the northern building in Dolanaar to receive this quest.

Completing this quest

The raw materials needed to make all the potions are:

The herbs can be gathered from around Teldrassil, and the vials can be bought from the trade goods vendor on the second floor of the tower behind Syral. Once you have the potions, return to Syral and speak with her to complete the quest.

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