Image of Elothir
Title <Archdruid of Lore>
Gender Male
Race Ancient of Lore (Humanoid)
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Dreamweavers
Occupation Archdruid of Val'sharah
Location Various
Status Deceased (spirit lives on in the Emerald Dream)
Student(s) Erwind Mistfen, Marnor Lorleaf, Del'thanar Sagewood (disciples), and various acolytes

Elothir (or Elo'thir)[1] is an ancient[2] treant[3] and the Archdruid of Lore. He resided in the ancient grove Thas'talah, where he communed with nature and instructed his acolytes in the ways of healing and the preservation of lore.[4] During the Burning Legion's third invasion, Elothir was one of the three Archdruids of Val'sharah called for help in saving the demigod Cenarius from his curse and for fighting the Emerald Nightmare.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

The numberless years of his life have been dedicated to learning and perfecting the arts of healing and restoration. Elothir claims that nothing in this world pains him more than taking a life.

However, a vile harpy coven led by the Witchmother Magula had emerged and sought to claim his grove as their own. They inflicted a petrifying disease which, given time, would destroy the infected. Not being able to save everyone, Elothir asked a class leader to prioritize saving his elder disciples so they could protect the grove in his absence, and to slay Magula.[5]

With his grove safe, Elothir was free to meet Malfurion Stormrage at the Grove of Cenarius. All the Archdruids gathered together and summoned Ysera, the Dreamer, to the Grove. Unfortunately, despite all their efforts, Cenarius was consumed by the Nightmare. In a moment of rage, Malfurion left alone to hunt down Xavius, but the latter eventually overwhelmed and abducted him.

After Malfurion was taken by Xavius, Tyrande Whisperwind and the class leader followed his trail and stumbled upon Elothir. He was in a dire state, as the Nightmare was slowly consuming him. He mustered all his remaining strength locate Malfurion, asking for one last favor. His age-old friend, Varethos, had fallen to the Nightmare's torment too. He and Elothir once worked in unison to protect the land, and Varethos' close ties to the land brought him low in this dark hour. However there was no cure for the Nightmare, so he asked the class leader to bring him peace.[6]

As the Nightmare consumed Elothir's thoughts, his sight faded, and he started hearing the voices of the twisted trees. The waking world slipped further and further from his mind, and he lost the ability to understand the words of the forest. He clang to sanity long enough to aid Tyrande and the class leader. Using Nightmare-corrupted petals, he was able to find Malfurion while his mind was still his own.[7] With his last breath, Elothir's noble, desperate efforts revealed that Malfurion was being held in Shala'nir, amidst the roots of Shaladrassil.[8]

With the Emerald Nightmare gone, the corruption disappeared and the afflicted were saved. Those taken by the Nightmare that had a strong tie with the Dream also survived and their spirits forever live on in the Emerald Dream.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Thas'talah 98 - 110 2,825
Grove of Cenarius 100 - 110 3,582
Emerald Dream ?? 10,915




  • The forest greets you.
  • You are welcome here, traveler.
  • You answer nature's call?
  • What would you ask of a tree?
  • The forest speaks: stay a while and listen.
  • If I fell down and there was no one to hear it... Oh! *Ahem*Tree things.
  • Termites?! *Panics*
  • The forest is with you.
  • May your roots run deep.
  • Be one with nature.


In Thas'talah
The forest whispered of your arrival, young one.
Few outsiders have entered my precious grove. Please show reverence during your visit.
In Thas'talah, to druids
The forest whispered of your arrival, druid. It speaks of one who would become a champion of nature, a kindred spirit to these woods.
There are some who do not show the proper reverence for our sacred grove. You, however, guide their path.
At the Grove of Cenarius
Cenarius, the Lord of the Forest.
Never have I seen him in such a state. Stay vigilant, friend. Our fragile world has been plunged into deep peril.
In Dreadroot
Main article: Heart of the Nightmare#Notes
Main article: Given to Corruption#Notes
In the Emerald Dream
Thank you, <Name>, for restoring Cenarius to his natural state. Our world has once again been saved through your deeds.


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