An elven archer and an elven ranger.

Void elf rangers.

“I am an elf, and a ranger! I can disappear into the trees! No one can find me!”

Alleria Windrunner to Turalyon during the Second War[1]

Elven ranger refers to a ranger of elven ancestry. The term is arbitrarily used, for elven rangers are simply identified as "rangers" in the overwhelming majority of canon sources.

Elven rangers are elite archers turning to nature for aid, befriending animals.[2] Some of them possess minor druidic abilities, as Vereesa Windrunner was able to use the "language of the trees, of all plants", and sense a plant's emotions and history through touch.[3]

Most current-day elven rangers are (or were once) part of the thalassian Farstriders.


Before the Great Sundering, at least one Highborne ranger protected the city of Vashj'ir: High Ranger Valarian. It is unknown if the rangers were a formal organization back then or if ranger was an individual title.

The High elven rangers were created during the Troll Wars, and Talanas Windrunner was the greatest of them.[4] Roughly 500 years ago, a group of high elven rangers formed the Farstriders, an organization officially encompassing their kind. The commander of the Farstriders was given a unique, historic title: Ranger-General of Silvermoon.[5]

Second War

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Rangers were a special cadre of elven archers who were intimately bound to the wildlands of Lordaeron. Their pursuit of mastery in longbows, marksmanship, and scouting made them more rugged and even deadlier than their brothers - traits for which they were greatly feared amongst their enemies. These secretive and elite warriors had never involved themselves in the affairs of humans, but when Horde onslaughts threatened to destroy the elven homelands, they quickly offered their services to the Alliance. Although their numbers were few, their presence could change the course of the war if they were deployed wisely.[6]

Rangers were known to gather at the mills staffed by their elven brethren, honing their skills there.[7]

Third War

Ranger concept art.

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Rangers were originally meant to be a hero unit of the Human Alliance. They were described as such:

These fearless Half-Elven women are masters of survival and wilderness exploration. Trained to hunt down renegade Orcs and Trolls in the wildlands of both Azeroth and Lordaeron, the Rangers are a force to be reckoned with. Being Half-Elven, the Rangers are often avoided by members of the High Elven stock. However, these crafty females make their home in the wilds and seldom feel the need for the distractions of camaraderie. Rangers are expert marksmen with the longbow and carry specially weighted bows and magically enhanced arrows.[8]

Rangers were eventually cancelled as a hero unit. Most of their abilities were given to the Priestess of the Moon instead,[9] and their model was reused for the in-game appearances of Sylvanas Windrunner and Jennalla Deemspring. Among the possible random names was "Somand Wayfinder".

During the events of Legacy of the Damned the kingdom of Quel'Thalas was defended by an organization called the Elven Ranger Corps, which is presumably a different name for the Farstriders.

Several deceased rangers were resurrected in undeath as dark rangers.

World of Warcraft

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Blood elven rangers still traditionally belong to the Farstriders, staunch defenders of Quel'Thalas. The order endured the Scourging of their homeland and continues to defend the elven kingdom.[5] They are led by Ranger General Halduron Brightwing and are usually stationed in their reclaimed country, holding a presence in the Eversong Woods, Silvermoon City, and the Ghostlands.

Of those who chose to remain high elves, most of them rejoined the Silver Covenant or various lodges such as Quel'Lithien Lodge and Quel'Danil Lodge.

The dark rangers decided to serve the Forsaken under their progenitor Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. Nathanos Blightcaller, formerly her student in the arts of the elven ranger, now trains other Forsaken rangers of non-elven ancestry.

Finally, some night elves from the Sentinels recently gained the rank of ranger though it is unknown if it is a recent creation or an ancient tradition from before the splitting with the high elves. One of them is depicted as having the title of Ranger General, something originally thought to be limited to the Farstriders.

Notable elven rangers

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Blood elf

High elf

Night elf

Void elf


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In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Elven ranger.

Epic elven ranger.

Night elf elven ranger, a sentinel.

Elven Ranger prestige class icon in WoW: The RPG.

The elven ranger is an elite wilderness warrior whose skills are unique to the elven race. These skills are rooted in ancient tradition, from even before the time of Queen Azshara, and survive in the cultures of both the high elves and the night elves. Elven ranger orders exist among both high elves and night elves. Among the modern high elves, the elven ranger is known as just that, but among the night elves the elven rangers are called by their ancient title: Sentinels. The elven rangers of both races are capable of running through rugged terrain to make impossible shots that appear fluid and natural.[10][11]

Elven rangers practiced a form of druidism. Those rangers who became dark rangers lost the ability to use those powers.[12] Elven rangers draw their spells from their relationships with nature and the spirits of nature. As such, their spell lists are focused on archery, wilderness, animals, and stealth.[13] A druidic power called "Speak with Plants" allowed them to talk to normal plants and plant creatures.[14]

The most experienced elven rangers became epic elven rangers.

Night elven rangers were members of the group called the Farstriders based in Farstrider Camp in Ashenvale.


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Rangers have always remained a large part of night elven society, but among the kaldorei they are called by their ancient title: Sentinels. Sentinels share almost the exact customs as high elf rangers, to the point where you can only tell the difference by race. Many Sentinels fulfill their duties as huntresses, riding astride great nightsaber panthers, or as windwarriors astride hippogryphs.[15]



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The Wardens of the Sunwell/Sunwell Wardens might be rangers, as they armed with bows and dual swords.