For the lore of the zone and its status after the Cataclysm, see Elwynn Forest.
AllianceElwynn Forest
Level: 1 - 10
Elwynn Forest.jpg
Capital(s) Alliance Goldshire (7,000)

HumanHuman Human (7,000)
High elfHigh elf High elf (1,500)
Ironforge dwarfIronforge dwarf Ironforge dwarf (700)
Half-elfHalf-elf Half-elf (500)
Wildhammer dwarfWildhammer dwarf Wildhammer dwarf (300)
GnomeGnome Gnome
IconSmall Gnoll.gif Gnoll
Kobold Kobold

MurlocMurloc Murloc
Government Democracy[1]
Ruler(s) IconSmall Human Male.gif Marshal Dughan
Major settlements Alliance Northshire Abbey
Alliance Eastvale Logging Camp
Minor settlements Alliance Westbrook Garrison
Alliance Tower of Azora
Alliance Westridge
Affiliation Kingdom of Stormwind, Brotherhood of Northshire, Riverpaw pack, Defias Brotherhood
Location Northwestern Azeroth
PvP status Alliance territory

Elwynn Forest is the starting zone for playable humans.


Northshire was the pride of Stormwind's vineyards until recently when Defias bandits drove off the farmers and occupied the farm and fields. In addition, the Echo Ridge Mine north of the abbey has been infested by kobolds.

Kobolds infested the Jasperlode Mine and Fargodeep Mine. Gnolls have erected camps in the Forest's Edge region and the northern rim of Stone Cairn Lake. It is rumored that both the kobolds and gnolls are somehow associated with the Defias Brotherhood. Murlocs have taken up residence in and around Stone Cairn Lake and Crystal Lake. Defias presence in the region has been growing and their people have holdings at Mirror Lake Orchard, Northshire Vineyards, the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch, Jerod's Landing and Stone Cairn Lake.

Maps and subregions

Map of Elwynn Forest.

Brackwell Pumpkin Patch · Crystal Lake · Eastvale Logging Camp · Echo Ridge Mine · Fargodeep Mine
Forest's Edge · Goldshire  · Heroes' Vigil · Jasperlode Mine · Jerod's Landing · Lion's Pride Inn
The Maclure Vineyards · Mirror Lake · Mirror Lake Orchard · Northshire Abbey (Hall of Arms · Library Wing · Main Hall)
Northshire Valley · Northshire Vineyards · Ridgepoint Tower · Stone Cairn Lake
The Stonefield Farm · Stormwind City · Thunder Falls · Tower of Azora · Westbrook Garrison

Travel hubs


Alliance Flight paths from Stormwind City

Adjacent Regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Westfall Alliance 10-20 Southwest By west bridge, swimming west across the Nazferiti river, or flight path from Stormwind.
Redridge Mountains Alliance 15-25 East By foot or by flight path from Stormwind.
Duskwood Alliance 20-30 South By east bridge, swimming south across the Nazferiti river, or flight path from Stormwind.

Notable characters

Main article: Elwynn Forest NPCs

Elwynn Forest is home to several humans of high status. From the Northshire Abbey Marshal McBride recruits promising young humans into the Army. In Goldshire, Marshal Dughan leads the effort to reclaim Elwynn from the kobolds and other vile threats, and from his post near Eastvale Logging Camp, Guard Thomas seeks to eradicate the foothold the murlocs have established in the forest. Deputy Rainer is currently the leader of the Westbrook Garrison and protects the border from the Riverpaw gnolls.


Main article: Elwynn Forest (Classic) quests
See also: Elwynn Forest questing guidePowerlevel Elwynn Forest

Elwynn Forest is the starting zone for humans. The quest range here runs from level 1 to 12 with the earliest, starting quests concentrated in Northshire Valley. In southern Elwynn the player can witness the rivalry between the Stonefields, Malcures and Brackwells and do quests on both sides (the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch is currently overrun by Defias). The quests also include fighting the murlocs near Crystal and Stone-Cairn Lakes and the kobolds in the two big mines - the Fargodeep and Jasperlode. But the strongest recurring threat are the Defias Brotherhood (strangely, most of them are situated in Eastern Elwynn, having their base somewhere in Westfall).

Two quest chains run the adventurer back and forth between the rival farms of the Maclure and Stonefield families. Although not a quest chain, A [9] Red Linen Goods sets the Defias threat early. Meanwhile, the drop quest A [1-30] The Collector could help link the gnolls near Ridgepoint Tower to the Defias.

Northshire Valley is the starting subzone with the level 1-5 quests. Goldshire is the central village for those following most zone quests and suggested home inn for levels 6-10. Stormwind City is the capital, with all level quests geared to quests that draw adventurers to other zones.


Eastvale Logging Camp

Wild creatures

Forest's Edge

Patch changes

  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.6.0 (2005-07-12):
    • Elwynn Forest has been converted over to the new graveyard system. The system will place your character's spirit at the closest allowed graveyard in the zone.
    • A neutral graveyard has been added at the Eastvale Logging Camp in Elwynn Forest. The graveyard at Goldshire is now for use by the Alliance exclusively. Horde characters dying in Elwynn Forest and its sub-areas, as well as in Stormwind, The Stockade and the Deeprun Tram, will have their spirits travel to the new graveyard at the Eastvale Logging Camp.



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