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Elyrion Fogsong
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Gender Male
Race Night elf
Occupation Alchemist
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Ellaene (wife), Arietta (daughter), Keda (surrogate daughter)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Elyrion Fogsong is an elderly and very skilled night elf alchemist. After suffering a great personal loss, he chose to live alone in a bog on the slopes of Mount Hyjal, but this ultimately changed as the result of his friendship with the Sentinel Keda Bloomblade.


Elyrion once enjoyed a life of happiness with his beloved wife Ellaene and daughter Arietta until they were both killed in a battle. He blamed himself for their deaths since he failed to supply the battle with healing potions. He subsequently moved to a cottage in a swamp, where he found new purpose in helping other kaldorei with his potions and became known as the "mysterious hermit of the bog". He did not dare to try to find happiness again and kept his tragic past a secret from others in order to alleviate the pain of his loss.

Elyrion befriended the Sentinel Keda Bloomblade when she came to his home for an antidote for one of her sisters-in-arms. Keda reminded Elyrion of his late daughter (though he didn't tell her this), and she frequently returned to him for wares and conversation. She often tried to invite him to visit her in the nearby village, with no success. Long after their first meeting, Keda told the alchemist about how she lacked the boldness to confess her romantic feelings for the Loreekeper Toreth Bluestar, and later about how she planned to impress the Lorekeeper with feats of heroism, since she believed that being a good soldier was her only desirable quality. Elyrion disagreed and told Keda—who had been estranged from her family due to her life choices—that she was a brave and remarkable person who deserved love simply for who she was.

Keda repeatedly threw herself into danger but continued to feel too embarrassed to talk openly with Toreth. Elyrion grew tired of listening to her agonizing and offered to brew her a potion that would give her confidence, if she collected the last few ingredients for him: three crescents stones, two moss bunches, and a nightsaber's tear. When Keda returned with the ingredients, Elyrion warned her that pursuing what she wanted also meant that she had more to lose. He told her that she reminded him of himself from long ago and explained how he preferred to live alone in the bog and find purpose through his work because he had once suffered a great loss, without revealing any further detail. Keda responded by returning the advice Elyrion had given her earlier: that he had value beyond his usefulness.

The potion gave Keda the confidence to finally enter a relationship with Toreth. However, when she told him about the potion, he revealed that all of the ingredients she'd collected were useless and that, as Lorekeeper, he was familiar with the Elyrion's history. The two sought out the alchemist, and he told them about Ellaene and Arietta. Keda invited Elyrion to return to the village with her. He initially refused, saying that there was nothing there for him and that he would be as alone as he was in the bog, but Keda retorted that visiting him had begun to feel like coming home for her. She then offered him a bundle of three crescent stones, two moss bunches, and a nightsaber's tear, saying that the mixture would help him see himself as worthy of having a family again, and added that she had "love enough" in her heart for a father of her choosing. After a moment, Elyrion smiled and accepted the bundle.[1]


  • "When someone values you for usefulness alone, you will find yourself used."
  • Elyrion: "[...] Once you see your own worth, nothing will hold you back."
Keda: "You don't know that."
Elyrion: "I've lived a very long time. These things become predictable after the first few thousand years."
  • Keda: "May I ask about yourself from very long ago?"
Elyrion: "It is not much of a tale. I had the life I wanted, then lost it. And I am left to wonder if the pain was worth the joy."
Keda: "Is that why you live alone down here? Surely loss doesn't mean you never have another chance at happiness."
Elyrion: "Perhaps Elune favors others with greater fortune. But for me? I dare not try again. Still! I find purpose in my work. In plants and books and potions. [...] There is purpose in helping others find happiness, in whatever little ways I can."