NeutralElysian Hold
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Type Covenant Sanctum
Leader(s)  Kyrestia the Firstborne
Race(s) IconSmall Kyrian Male.gifIconSmall Kyrian Female.gif Kyrian
Location Northeastern Bastion
Status Active

Elysian Hold is the Sanctum of the Kyrian Covenant, located in the northeastern part of Bastion, and is part of the larger Spires of Ascension and serves as the entrance to the Spires.[1][2] The Hold was originally created by the Archon herself,[3] from which the Ascended can stand guard over the region. The rest of the Spires of Ascension were created by the First Forgelite.[4]

It is the meeting place of the Archon and Paragons of Bastion, and serves as the location of many powerful facilities and tools, such as the Crest of Ascension used to elevate new ascended. Wards that protect each of the five temples of Bastion are also found in the Hold in the southern wing of the hold.[5] The bell named Echo of Aeons in the central upper platform can summon the Paragons to the Archon[6] while the northern wing holds the Bell of Recall to summon the ascended kyrians back to the hold.[7]



When the soul of Uther the Lightbringer was brought to Bastion following his demise on Azeroth, it was the Paragon of Loyalty Devos that took him under her supervision and made it her mission to oversee his ascension. As time passed, she discovered that Uther's soul had somehow been wounded by the power of the Jailer, and brought this revelation to the Archon and other Paragons in Elysian Hold at Archon's Rise. Despite her warnings, Devos's fears were dismissed by her fellow kyrian, and the Paragon departed from the Hold to take matters into her own hands.[8]

Anima Drought and Forsworn

Devos reveals her betrayal before the Archon

When the Shadowlands experienced a severe anima drought as part of the Jailer's plan, all parts of Bastion suffered from a lack of the precious resource. Many features of Elysian Hold itself were deactivated, including its Anima Conductor used to reinforce Bastion's temples.[9] With the aid of mortal allies, however, many of these tools were once again activated with the influx of new anima.

The newly-organized dark kyrian known as the Forsworn would target Elysian Hold's wards as part of their first move against their brethren, with Uther the Lightbringer personally sabotaging those protecting the temples of Purity and Loyalty, which would both fall to outside attack.[10]

As the Forsworn rebellion gained momentum across Bastion, it was decided that new ascended should be created to bolster the number of loyal kyrian. During the ceremony for this at the Hold's Crest of Ascension, the former Paragon of Loyalty Devos launched a surprise attack on the Archon, Elysian Hold, and the Spires of Ascension.[11] In doing so, she revealed herself to be the leader of the Forsworn and shattered the Crest to prevent any further ascension. In the ensuing battle, the Archon's forces were able to first retake the Hold from the attackers before moving to confront Devos herself deeper into the Spires,[12] where she was defeated. Work to restore and empower the Crest soon began under the supervision of the Forgelite Prime, Mikanikos.

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