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NeutralEmber Court
Spire of the Unseen Guests.png
Main leader  Prince Renathal
Race(s) IconSmall Venthyr Male.gifIconSmall Venthyr Female.gif Venthyr
Theater of operations Sinfall, Revendreth
Affiliation Venthyr Covenant
Status Active
Quartermaster  Temel
 Lady Rovinette
 Lady Ilinca

The Ember Court was the event held by Prince Renathal before being banished to the Maw in order to sustain his influence in Revendreth. He is now re-establishing his court and inviting VIPs from Revendreth and beyond.[1]


A new court has opened in Revendreth, where Prince Renathal attempts to unite allies from across the Shadowlands and increase his covenant's influence.

Map of the Ember Court.

The Ember Court is both a weekly event that is the Covenant Feature of the Venthyr Covenant, a reputation faction gained through doing the event, and the topmost floor of Sinfall.

It is organized by Temel from the Spire of the Unseen Guests, and the party occupies the entirety of the topmost level of Sinfall.

The guest list is maintained by Lord Garridan, entertainment is organized by the dredger Hips, and refreshments provided by Picky Stefan from your first Court. Gaining reputation with the Ember Court unlocks further party organizing options, themes by Boot the Beaut and security by Watchmaster Boromod, purchased from Temel. Lady Ilinca also sells Ember Court related items. Increasing your reputation also unlocks one of the color tints for the Venthyr Covenant sets, purchased from Lady Rovinette.


The five categories of preferences are:

  • Cleanliness, ranging from Messy to Clean
  • Danger, ranging from Safe to Dangerous
  • Decadence, ranging from Humble to Decadent
  • Excitement, ranging from Relaxing to Exciting
  • Formality, ranging from Casual to Formal

Before entering the Ember Court, various NPCs allow you to select options to modify it from the onset, allowing for different events or quests within the instance to help with the preference bar. Each option must be unlocked through a quest, the expansion of options must be purchased from Temel, and every week one of these NPCs requires a quest before you can choose an option that always requires obtaining one reagent and 20-50 [Infused Ruby].

Note, that each selection grants both its default and the opposite, with a slight boost to the default from the onset of the scenario. For example, the Traditional decoration is +Dangerous because the candles cause fires, but if you put them out it grants +Safe.

The more NPCs you unlock, the more upgrades you obtain (Sanctum Upgrade or purchased upgrade), and the more selections you unlock, the more populated the Ember Court becomes, both instanced and uninstanced. For example, unlocking Stoneborn Reserves as an option places stoneborn statues and gargoyles all over the perimeter of Sinfall.

Different rewards are obtained at the end of each party depending on both your standing reputation with each RSVP Guest and their happiness levels. Each guest has a set of preferences that makes them happier, and going contrary to those preferences makes them unhappy.

The happiness spectrum ranges from Miserable, to Unhappy, to Uncomfortable, to Comfortable, to Happy, to Elated. Elated brings the most anima rewards, the most reputation gain for that guest, and the rarer rewards. In addition, you gain reputation for each guest you have present, where the more you have, the more you gain.


Theotar's ecclectic dredgers are famous for hosting wonderfully fancy tea parties. Enjoy the quiet, contemplative side of Revendreth's high society.
Delight your guests with the best baking Bastion's chefs have to offer! Rarely seen in Revendreth, these treats are as exotic as they are beautiful.
Live on the edge with massive platters of odd-smelling and alarmingly unlabeled fungi from all across the Shadowlands. How mysterious!
  • Hips lets you select entertainment. (Default)
Helping souls along their journey toward atonement is Revendreth's most timeless court activity. The Accuser will be happy to oblige.
The wild beasts of Ardenweald are difficult to subdue, but would provide a memorable spectacle for our guests to observe.
The music of the Lost Chalice Band is transcendent! Souls don't typically perform at courts, but they are worth making an exception for.
Keep it classic with the traditional venthyr aesthetic of lit candles and decorative stone fiends.
Reflect back on the many different paths that led each soul to Revendreth, with decorations from the realm of mortals.
Surprise your guests with a myriad of mirrors connecting to unknown places throughout Revendreth and beyond.
We may be few in number, but the bravest among us will always rise to meet approaching enemies.
It is expensive to maintain a standing army of stoneborn, but we could activate them for this court to give our guests extra peace of mind.
The Maldraxxian army is unmatched across the Shadowlands in military training, effective weaponry, and disgusting messes.

Sanctum Upgrades

Rank Cost Reward
Rank 1: A New Court 1000 [Reservoir Anima]
1 [Redeemed Soul]
1 hour
Re-establish the Ember Court, and start on a journey to restore it to its former glory.
Help Theotar build this new court that will expand the influence of the Venthyr covenant across Revendreth and beyond.
Rank 2: Homegrown Help 5000 [Reservoir Anima]
8 [Redeemed Soul]
12 hours
Influence more anima into the restoration of the Ember Court.
You will now be able to create a dredger butler to assist you in hosting the Ember Court.
Rank 3: Court Influencer 10000 [Reservoir Anima]
22 [Redeemed Soul]
1 day
Increase the capacity for guests within the Ember Court.
Now you can expand the guest list, allowing you to invite a third guest to each Ember Court. Increasing your options for earning unique rewards from your guests.
Rank 4: Discerning Taste 12000 [Reservoir Anima]
40 [Redeemed Soul]
1 day
This infusion of anima continues to build upon the Ember Court's growing reputation.
Attract the attention of even the most discerning guests, allowing you to invite a fourth guest to each Ember Court. This expands further your opportunities for earning the respect of our guests.
Rank 5: The Professionals 15000 [Reservoir Anima]
40 [Redeemed Soul]
1 day
The Ember Court reaches its full potential, and it's weekly parties are now the talk of all the realms.
You are now able to hire five specialist staff who will help you foster the perfect atmosphere in each and every Ember Court event. This gives you the best opportunity yet to earn the best rewards your guests have to offer.

The Dredger Butler pet can be customized.[2]

The Professionals unlocks the following[3]:

RSVP guest possibilities

Invitation slot Guest Preferences Rewards
1 Cryptkeeper Kassir
Stubborn and principled, Cryptkeeper Kassir will always fight
for what he believes in. We must ensure that he continues to believe in us.

N [60] RSVP: Cryptkeeper Kassir
N [60] Cryptkeeper Kassir's Best Friend
Formal  [Ember Court Barrier]
 [Crypt Keeper's Vessel]
Atonement Key
 [Kassir's Crypt Mantle]
 [A Proper Soiree: A detailed account of Venthyr Etiquette by Theotar]
1 Plague Deviser Marileth
His experiments may be messy, but Maldraxxus's
master slime scientist always finds a solution.

N [60] RSVP: Plague Deviser Marileth
N [60] Plague Deviser Marileth's Best Friend
Messy  [Fluorescent Slime Sample]
 [Slightly Irradiated Slime Sample]
 [Hyper-Reactive Slime Sample]
 [Spineforged Tenderizer]
1 Choofa
Choofa and his friends are party animals, in every meaning of the phrase.
N [60] RSVP: Choofa
N [60] Choofa's Best Friend
Exciting  [Bulging Collection of Random Bits]
 [Elderwood Gavel]

 [Nightwillow Barb]

1 Sika
This single remarkable steward keeps all of Bastion operational.
She deserves a break, but will need to be convinced to take one.

N [60] RSVP: Sika
N [60] Sika's Best Friend
Clean A Gushing Thank You on Formal Parchment
 [Cupbearer's Claymore]
Tranquil's Censor
 [Sika's Rare Ore Pouch]
 [Anima-Infused Water]
2 Stonehead
Our simple-minded friend to the south controls access to the
Ember Ward. He would certainly love to attend court with his "best bud."

N [60] RSVP: Stonehead
N [60] Stonehead's Best Friend
Casual  [Stonewing Halberd]
 [Pouch of Shinies]
2 Droman Aliothe
The great bear Aliothe is a wild god, but she is not primitive.
N [60] RSVP: Droman Aliothe
N [60] Droman Aliothe's Best Friend
Relaxing Claw Carved Thank You
 [Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism]
2 Grandmaster Vole
Overseeing Maldraxxus's famous Theater of Pain is as time-consuming
as it is lucrative. We'll need to make it worth his time to attend our court.
N [60] RSVP: Grandmaster Vole
N [60] Grandmaster Vole's Best Friend
Dangerous  [Marcel Mullby's Marker]
 [The Grandmaster's Voucher]
 [Marrowfused Claymore]
2 Kleia and Pelagos
These soulbinds are strongest together, and
their friends amongst the venthyr will be please to see them again.

N [60] RSVP: Kleia and Pelagos
N [60] Kleia and Pelagos's Best Friend
Humble Pelegos's Thougtful Thank You Note
3 Rendle and Cudgelface
Hard workers deserve appreciation. And few work
harder for Sinfall than Rendle and Cudgelface

N [60] RSVP: Rendle and Cudgelface
N [60] Rendle and Cudgelface's Best Friend
Bloodfeaster Spiderling
3 Alexandros Mograine
The Ashbringer has spent lifetimes in war, never allowed his final rest.
N [60] RSVP: Alexandros Mograine
N [60] Alexandros Mograine's Best Friend
 [A Letter of Introduction, The Bonesmith]
 [Gruesome Flayedwing]
 [Marrowfused Shield]
3 Hunt-Captain Korayn
Members of the Wild Hunt are known for their ferocity, not
their manners. A fearsome fighter, Hunt-Captain Korayn has no patience for ceremony.

N [60] RSVP: Hunt-Captain Korayn
N [60] Hunt-Captain Korayn's Best Friend
 [Hard Boiled Gorm Egg]
 [Gorm Quiche Platter]
 [Orders to Gormsmith Cavina]
3 Polemarch Adrestes
Always on duty, this stoic ascended must be ordered to have
a good time, even at a party.

N [60] RSVP: Polemarch Adrestes
N [60] Polemarch Adrestes's Best Friend
 [A Short Letter to Forgelite Sophone]
4 The Countess
As Revendreth's premier party host and socialist, the Countess
has an outsized influence on public perception.

N [60] RSVP: The Countess
N [60] The Countess's Best Friend
 [The Countess's Parasol]
 [Decree: The Countess' Favor]
 [Decree: The Countess' Esteem]
 [Decree: The Countess' Boon]
4 Baroness Vashj
This restless leader of the naga is watching and judging.
N [60] RSVP: Baroness Vashj
N [60] Baroness Vashj's Best Friend
 [Decree: Baroness Vashj's Favor]
 [Decree: Baroness Vashj's Esteem]
 [Decree: Baroness Vashj's Boon]

 [Bonebound Tome]

Plaguelouse Larva

4 Lady Moonberry
A mercurial member of the Court of Night, Lady Moonberry is known
for her tricks as well her influence. She not easily charmed.

N [60] RSVP: Lady Moonberry
N [60] Lady Moonberry's Best Friend
 [Decree: Lady Moonberry's Favor]
 [Decree: Lady Moonberry's Esteem]
 [Decree: Lady Moonberry's Boon]
4 Mikanikos
As Forgelite Prime of Bastion, Mikanikos is always tinkering with new inventions.
N [60] RSVP: Mikanikos
N [60] Mikanikos's Best Friend
Decree: Mikanikos's Favor
Decree: Mikanikos's Esteem
Decree: Mikanikos's Boon
 [Cupbearer's Claymore]

All reward chests grant Ember Court reputation proportional to their happiness levels. They also grant grey items, anima, transmog appearances, mounts, and buffs that are either visual flavor or damage buffs that last for an hour or more.

Purchasable rewards

Reputation Item Cost
Friendly  [Building: Dredger Pool] 100 [Reservoir Anima]
Honored Building: Guard House 100 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Staff: Stage Crew] 250g
 [Staff: Waiters] 250g
 [Leather Dredger Coif] 10 [Infused Ruby]
 [Altar of Accomplishment] 25 [Reservoir Anima]
Revered  [Staff: Bouncers] 250g
 [Staff: Dredger Decorators] 250g
 [Sinrunner Pony Reins] 55 [Infused Ruby]
Battie's Pendant 250  [Polished Pet Charm]
Exalted  [Mantle of Court Blades] 1750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Juvenile Dredbat Harness] 70 [Infused Ruby]
 [Silvertip Dredwing] 5000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Letter of Note, Premier Party Planner] 85 [Infused Ruby]
Lady Rovinette
Reputation Item Cost
Friendly  [Court Death Shroud Boots] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Greatboots] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Sabatons] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Slippers] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Court Death Shroud Breeches] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Legguards] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Leggings] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Leggings] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
Honored  [Court Death Shroud Bindings] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Vambraces] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Bracers] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Wraps] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Court Death Shroud Belt] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Girdle] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Belt] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Sash] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Court Death Shroud Vest] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Chestplate] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Hauberk] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Vestments] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
Revered  [Court Death Shroud Gloves] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Grips] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Gauntlets] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Handwraps] 1500 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Court Death Shroud Spaulders] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Spaulders] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Monnion] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Mantle] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
Exalted  [Court Death Shroud Cloak] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Cloak] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Cloak] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Drape] 750 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Court Death Shroud Hood] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Dread Sentinel's Court Headgear] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Fearstalker's Court Helm] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Soulbreaker's Court Hood] 2000 [Reservoir Anima]
Lady Ilinca
Requirement Item Cost
Friendly  [Blank Invitation] 8 [Infused Ruby]
 [Invitation: Grandmaster Vole]
Honored  [Invitation: Choofa]
Best Friends with at least one guest  [Rally Bell] 25 [Reservoir Anima]
 [Quill of Correspondence] 500g


Unlocking the items for the achievement Court Favors fills up the bookshelf behind Temel.


  • After reaching Best Friend status, the toy  [Quill of Correspondence] lets the player write a letter to a random Best Friend, and the player receives a reply at the next reset. See the toy's page for all the letters.
  • The on-approach dialogue and gossip text changes based on friendship level; some appear to change only once (before Buddy vs Buddy or higher), others change two times (before Buddy, Buddy to Friend, Friend and higher).
  • Within the instance, the gossip for each guest never changes. However, the dialogue after the event depends on happiness levels, and some guests can trigger (inconsistently) special dialogue during the instance if they are very happy or very unhappy. Prince Renathal's ending speech and dialogue during the instance changes depending on theme levels.
  • Though in the uninstanced version the tower is named Spire of the Unseen Guests, the instanced version of the Ember Court retained its original alpha name, Spire of the Unseen Servants, until patch 9.1.5.
  • If the player tries to leave the Ember Court area during the instance, an Opportunistic Assassin stoneborn will kill the player.
  • The Hired Curators that appear once you unlock Mortal Reminders decorations belong to Cartel Ta.
  • Holiday specific changes
    • During the Feast of Winter Veil, additional options are available near Theotar to boost your guests' happiness. You can offer them a toast, give them a gift, or even sing from a  [Winter Veil Caroling Book].
    • During the Lunar Festival, Naladu is seen in the Winter Court, giving you a buff.
    • During Love is in the Air, Theotar once again provides happiness boosts.
    • During Noblegarden, Theotar puts you on an egg hunt, where finding and turning in all four eggs gives you a buff, 300% friendship gains, five minutes extra time during the segment you are in (make sure to not turn it in during "Preparation"!), and bonus happiness for all guests.
    • During Children's Week, Theotar's ward "Bubbins" appears next to Theotar and offers you a cosmetic parasol and a cooldown reducing buff tea.
    • During Midsummer Fire Festival, there is a bonfire behind Theotar that can be lit for bonus happiness to all guests, and dredgers juggling lit torches all over the instance.
    • During Brewfest, Theotar offers a selection of three experimental teas; trying them all gives 300% friendship gain increases and granting bonus happiness for all guests.
    • During Hallow's End, Theotar gives you a Vision of Sire Denathrius to scare all present, granting bonus happiness to all guests.
    • During Pilgrim's Bounty, Theotar offers a Neverending Feast that increases friendship gains with your guests and also increasing their happiness during the court.


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