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Ember Ward

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Ember Ward
A venthyr criminal being banished to the Ember Ward.

The Ember Ward is one of the seven district wards of Revendreth. It encompasses an area of mountains and deserts in western Revendreth, bordering the Military Ward to the north, the Castle Ward to the east, and the Forest Ward to the southeast. It is only accessible through an elevator in Sinfall, a path from Dominance Keep, a path from the Castle Ward, and a path from the Banewood.

The region is scorched and blighted by the Light in retaliation for dark magic and experiments done by Denathrius at Sinfall.[1][2] It is a land of madness and torture where Denathrius sends his most hated enemies and failures to suffer, as the Light causes overwhelming pain to a venthyr.[3] Venthyr exposed to the Light too long become ash ghouls; and once turned into one, there is no reversal.[4] However, prior to this stage, the effects are reversible through consumption of tea made of liquid shadows.[5] After the events of the Revendreth storyline, the naaru Z'rali is found here.

Sinfall is currently the base of operations of Prince Renathal.


The Ember Ward shall forever bear the scars of the Light's unjust strike against the venthyr. To even humor the idea that our beloved sire did anything to incur the Light's wrath would be an act of sedition.[6]



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Besides Sinfall, we have no idea what was the purpose or name of the Ember Ward prior to it being blighted by the Light. Presumably, a Harvester was assigned to it, and Prince Renathal is not assigned a Ward within the narrative.