Emberfall Tower.

Emberfall Tower is a subzone of Ashran, and the northernmost tower of the Road of Glory. A curving path leads south down to Volrath's Advance, while to the north a narrow bridge leads across a ravine to the Horde base of Warspear Outpost. To the east lies Brute's Rise, while a smaller path leads southeast down to the Dark Woods. To the west the Horde Mine Entrance and Amphitheater of Annihilation can be found.

Atop the Emberfall Tower itself stands the Warspear Tower Guardian Jeron Emberfall, ready to launch summoned phoenixes to explode upon the heads of any attackers who should breach the zone.

The first Horde Tower in Ashran, all Horde players within Volrath's Advance gain 20% to their healing and damage done. As the last bulwark against the assault of Warspear Outpost itself, the area tends to serve as a staging area for Alliance forces planning to overrun the Horde base.


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