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Emblems were the revised "badge" point system for Wrath of the Lich King, following the  [Badge of Justice] used for currency in The Burning Crusade. Rather than requiring ever-increasing numbers of a single type of token, a new currency type was introduced with each new tier of content.

The emblems were:

Emblem PVE gear PVP gear 3.0 source 3.1 source 3.2 source 3.3 source
 [Emblem of Heroism] 200 200 5-man Heroics
10-man Tier 7 raids
 [Emblem of Valor] 213 200 25-man Tier 7 raids 10-man Tier 8 raids
 [Emblem of Conquest] 226 213 25-man Tier 8 raids all previous content
 [Emblem of Triumph] 232
232 10-man Tier 9 raids
25-man Tier 9 raids
daily Heroic quest
all previous content
 [Emblem of Frost] 251
245 10-man Tier 10 raids
25-man Tier 10 raids
daily Heroic Dungeon Finder
weekly raid quest

Each emblem could be converted down to the previous type at a 1:1 ratio in order to make purchases using currencies that were no longer available. All emblem vendors were converted to the [Justice Points] of Cataclysm when these currencies were removed from the game in the 4.0 patch.