A guide to the emblem system

Emblem of Valor was a currency used in Northrend to buy epic (tier 7 25-player) items, similar to the  [Badge of Justice], with a item level of 213 and can be traded in at a 1:1 ratio for 1  [Emblem of Heroism] with Alliance Arcanist Adurin <Emblem of Valor Quartermaster> or Horde Magister Brasael <Emblem of Valor Quartermaster>.


This item is no longer available as a drop. However, you can exchange an [Emblem of Conquest] for an Emblem of Valor. To do this, purchase an 1 Emblem of Valor for 1 Emblem of Conquest from Alliance Arcanist Firael <Emblem of Conquest Quartermaster> or Horde Magister Sarien <Emblem of Conquest Quartermaster>.

Emblem of Conquest

 [Emblem of Conquest] drop from:

Emblem of Triumph

Emblems of Triumph can be traded for Emblems of Valor using the Money Changer at the Underbelly Inn in Dalaran sewers. Emblems of Triumph are from:


Emblem of Valor vendors can be found all over Dalaran in the various weapon and armor shops selling the appropriate armor for their location, as well as in the Alliance and Horde quarters of Dalaran:

In Dalaran

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