Image of Emeni
Title The Slaughter Daughter,
Queen of Carnage,[2]
the Kinslayer[3]
Gender Female
Race(s) Abomination (formerly sethrak) (Humanoid / Undead)
Level 60
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Undying Army
Former affiliation(s) House of Constructs
Location Seat of the Primus; Sixfold Recluse, Body Banks, and Stitchyard, Maldraxxus
Status Active
Relative(s) Hundreds of deceased siblings[4]

Emeni, the Slaughter Daughter, is a notorious abomination of Maldraxxus who secedes from the House of Constructs to join the Seat of the Primus during the Necrolords Campaign.

She is one of three soulbinds available to members of the Necrolord Covenant.


Emeni's soul as it appears before she receives her new body.

In life, Emeni was a powerful sethrak princess who—despite being born into an era of peace[3]—slaughtered hundreds of her siblings to claim the throne,[4] causing her to also be known as "the dread sibling slayer"[5] or "the kinslayer of Slithering Gulch". Her remains are buried at Skycallers' Spire.[3] After her death, her soul joined the House of Constructs in Maldraxxus and received a mighty abomination body, designed by Surgeon Stitchflesh and the stitchmaster Rathan within the Body Banks.[6] Dubbed the "Slaughter Daughter", Emeni became a legend[4] feared throughout the Shadowlands.[7] Her construct was of complex design[5] and possessed a skin impervious to mortal weapons, described by the princess herself as "a work of art that took years to perfect".[7]

Emeni, Rathan, and many other members of the House of Constructs spoke out against Margrave Gharmal when they launched their attack on Bastion. Fearing dissent, Gharmal removed Emeni and many other souls from their constructed bodies and imprisoned them in the Etheric Vault, leaving them to fade away from a lack of anima.[8][9] The skin of Emeni's construct was taken as a souvenir by the soul amputator Faldo Iscar.[7] While imprisoned, Emeni made a list of all the constructs that had betrayed her—58 in total, with number one being her fellow abomination Yardmaster Pralak.[10]

Despite being reduced to a disembodied spirit, Emeni managed to escape the vault and sought out the Necrolord forces at the Seat of the Primus alongside Rathan. Rathan promised that he and Emeni would build the necrolords an army of constructs far greater than Gharmal's if the Maw Walker helped them reclaim the princess' body and rescue the other souls trapped in the vault.[8] The trio traveled to the Stitchyard and, after gathering the necessary tools from the nearby Construct forces,[11] (including reclaiming Emeni's skin from Faldo Iscar)[7] used the assembly equipment to build a new abomination for the Slaughter Daughter's soul to inhabit.[5][12] Now once again possessing a physical body, Emeni had the Maw Walker help her slaughter all of the traitors on her list[10] and rescue her friends from the Etheric Vault.[9] She, Rathan, and the freed souls subsequently took up residence at Butchers Block outside the Seat of the Primus, a place where they could construct more new bodies, and pledged their allegiance to Baroness Draka and her forces.[1][13]

Emeni participated in the joint kyrian and necrolord attack on the Construct stronghold. She and Alexandros Mograine led the assault on the stronghold's western gate while Xandria and the kyrian advanced from the east.[14] At the Stitchyard, Emeni tasked Maw Walkers with clearing the skies of Margrave Gharmal's deathrocs by using her riding hook to latch onto them and beat them to a pulp in mid-air. She claimed that she would've taken care of the birds herself if it wasn't for the fact that her body wasn't constructed for flight.[15]

Emeni and some of her fellow abominations participated in the necrolord assault on the House of Rituals. When it was discovered that the Ritualists had barricaded the only available side route into the house, Emeni declared that the "pitiful barriers" were no obstacle for her and insisted that the attackers push forward. Her abominations subsequently helped the Maw Walkers break through the defenses and allow the attackers to push into the Grimoirium.[16]

Emeni joined the united covenant assault on Desmotaeron[17] and later returned to the Seat to witness Draka's promotion to margrave.[18]


Rebellious Souls
Righteous Retribution/A Golden Dawn


Emeni with two Battlesewn Rocs during the assault on the House of Constructs.

Emeni with three Prime Steelskins just before the assault on the House of Rituals.


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As a soul

  • Do you know how many rivals I have slain?
  • You are ssspeaking to a princess!
  • When in doubt, slaughter everyone.
  • You are dismissed.

As an abomination

  • Do you know how many rivals I have slain?
  • Have you come bearing tribute?
  • No beheadings for today.
  • You are speaking to a princess!
  • Your envy is palpable.
  • Be swift and nimble, like me.
  • Surely you have other duties to perform.
  • When in doubt, slaughter everyone.
  • Yell if you need me to save you.
  • You are dismissed.


During N [60] No Rest For the Dead and N [60] Find The Way
Get me my construct body and I'll set this place right!
Sixfold Recluse and the Body Banks
When I get back in my body, I will level this place!
Body Banks after N [60] A Good Heart
Time to get even!
Butchers Block during N [60] A Place To Call Home and Seat of the Primus after N [60] At Your Service
I was royalty before I came here. It's fine if you bow.
During N [60] The Third Fall of Kel'Thuzad
Hey! Look! There's more liches! Let's ask them to play!
During the Ember Court if Maldraxxian Army is chosen for security
Some in our ranks tell stories of fighting in this land in ages past.
I did not have that honor.
However, I am honored to be here now... and, if we aren't disturbed, perhaps I can find time to enjoy some delicacies.
<Emeni licks her lips>
I haven't seen such a court this side of the Shadowlands.



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

The only other sethrak known to use a royal or imperial title is Emperor Korthek of the Faithless empire. As such, Emeni and her siblings may be Korthek's younger siblings or children. Alternatively, Emeni may come from a previously unknown, extinct sethrak kingdom. The latter is possibly supported by The Legend of Emeni's description of her having been born into "an era of peace", which implies that she was born before the founding of the warlike Faithless.

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