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Not to be confused with Kor'thik.
For the statue depicting him, see Keeper Korthek.
MobEmperor Korthek
Image of Emperor Korthek
Title Eternal Emperor,[1]
the Brave,[2]
Gender Male
Race Sethrak (Humanoid)
Level 30-60 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Faithless
Former affiliation(s) Keepers
Occupation Emperor of the Faithless
Location Skycallers' Spire, Vol'dun[52, 26.8]VZ-Vol'dunBlip
Status Deceased (lore)
Killable Battle for Azeroth
Student(s) Korthek's Students

Emperor Korthek is the self-proclaimed ruler of the Faithless sethrak. He was once one of the Keepers entrusted to protect Mythrax the Unraveler's tomb of Atul'Aman, and he and Keeper Vorrik co-ruled the sethrak. However, Korthek eventually grew powerhungry, created the Faithless, declared himself emperor, and allied with General Jakra'zet in an effort to resurrect Mythrax and use him to conquer all of Zandalar.


After Mythrax the Unraveler was defeated and buried beneath Atul'Aman by the loa Sethraliss, the sethrak knew that something had to be done to prevent anyone from raising the Unraveler again.[3] Sulthis called upon Korthek and Vorrik to aid him in creating a barrier around Atul'Aman, and they agreed. Thus, the Keepers were formed, and together they cast a barrier to seal Mythrax within the great pyramid. Each Keeper created a keystone imbued with their power, to ensure that the tomb would remain undisturbed.[2][3][4]

Korthek was regarded as "Korthek the Brave" and was renowned for his strength and strategic agility. Tales of him inspired young sethrak warriors and ignited the flames of battle in the bleakest of moments. He was able to single-handedly turn the tide, fought for his people with passion and ferocity, and was known as a beloved brother.[2] In those days, Korthek and his fellow Keepers Vorrik and Sulthis led all sethrak in their worship of Sethraliss.[4][5][6]

However, as the sands continued to spread, Korthek tired of peace and grew hungry for war.[3][7] Sulthis heard talk of Korthek being eager to attack the trolls, but did not understand why he would want to start a fight he could not win after the sethrak had lived in peace for so long.[8] Korthek plotted to combine the three keystones to unearth Mythrax and use him as a weapon to conquer Zandalar. Eventually, he raised an army of like-minded sethrak who became known as the Faithless, and they began to slaughter those who opposed them. Sulthis was the first to fall at Korthek's hands, but not before safeguarding his keystone. Vorrik and the other sethrak still loyal to Sethraliss became known as the Devoted and were forced out of their home and into hiding, and have been fighting Korthek's Faithless ever since.[3][7]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.
Into the Dunes 2 - Korthek's army

Korthek and Jakra'zet survey the Faithless army.

Since Korthek's betrayal, the Faithless have brought war upon Vol'dun. Korthek leads them in their fight, searching for the remaining keys that will allow him to break the barrier around Atul'Aman and use Mythrax to conquer Zuldazar.[4][9] To this end, Korthek has allied with General Jakra'zet of the Zanchuli Council, who also seeks to unleash Mythrax.[10]

Korthek is first seen in eastern Vol'dun conversing with Jakra'zet, who tells the emperor that they need to speed things up as King Rastakhan has received "nosey visitors" in the form of the Horde. When Jakra'zet notices a group of Zandalari pterrordax passing overhead, Korthek conjures lightning magic that blasts Bladeguard Jorana and Bladeguard Kaja's mounts from the sky.[10]

Eventually, Bladeguard Kaja, Warguard Rakera, and an adventurer recover Keeper Sulthis' keystone from its resting place in Zul'Ahjin and bring it to Vorrik at the Sanctuary of the Devoted.[3] Vorrik concludes that Korthek has grown not only spiteful and arrogant over the years, but also mad: Mythrax will kill them all should the creature be released. Vorrik has long held out hope of being able to peacefully convince Korthek to abandon his heresy, but resolves that all of Zandalar is at risk while Korthek and his allies hold even one key to Mythrax's prison and that he needs to confront the "emperor" personally.[11] With the help of the vulpera, Vorrik and his ally wreak havoc on the Faithless' fortress and ride Rakjan the Unbroken to the Skycallers' Spire. Korthek initially remains in hiding within the Temple of Sethraliss[12][13] until he finally emerges, allowing Vorrik, the adventurer, and the vulpera Nisha to engage him in battle. However, during the fight, the emperor reveals that Jakra'zet already has Korthek's keystone and has likely retrieved Sulthis and Vorrik's stones, which were left unguarded at the Sanctuary of the Devoted. Eventually, Korthek is defeated and tells Vorrik that he never forced any of the sethrak to follow him and that their people are conquerors. Vorrik replies that "Our people are dead, because of you", then kills the emperor.[1]


During H [30-60] The Fall of Emperor Korthek
  • Ability thunderking balllightning Cascade — The caster spews out a ball of lightning at nearby targets. Players within 5 yards of the impact suffer Nature damage. After landing, the ball will bounce two additional times.
  • Spell nature lightningbolt Shock — Shocks the target for Nature damage.
  • Ability skyreach four wind Windwall — The caster summons a rotating wall of tornadoes at a location nearby. All enemies caught in the Windwall's path suffer Nature damage.


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