HordeEmpire of Dirt
Start Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
End High Executor Darthalia
Level 7-30
Category Hillsbrad Foothills
Experience 1550
Reputation +250 Undercity
Previous H [5-30] Cities in Dust
Next H [7-30] Welcome to the Machine


Report to High Executor Darthalia at Southpoint Blockade in Hillsbrad Foothills.


This war has taken its toll on us as a people. We have lost much to secure our place as the rightful rulers of Lordaeron. And though the moment is won, the battle continues to rage in other parts of the Eastern Kingdoms.

I must return to the Undercity to recuperate. I want you to go to Hillsbrad Foothills in my stead, <name>. As my most trusted soldier, you will lead our forces to absolute domination against our enemies in Hillsbrad.

Report to High Executor Darthalia at Southpoint Blockade, to the east.


News of your conquest in Silverpine emboldens us, <name>. We are prepared to fight at your command and beat back the last remaining vestiges of humanity in Hillsbrad.


Introduction and Azurelode Mine

Optional breadcrumbs: H [7-30] Empire of Dirt or H [7-30] Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills!

  1. H [7-30] Welcome to the Machine
  2. H [7-30] Trouble at Azurelode & H [7-30] Glorious Harvest & H [7-30] Past Their Prime
  3. H [7-30] Human Infestation & H [7-30] Thieving Little Monsters! & H [7-30] Coastal Delicacies!
  4. H [7-30] Deep Mine Rescue

Sludge Fields

  1. H [7-30] Trouble at the Sludge Fields
  2. H [7-30] No One Here Gets Out Alive
  3. H [7-30] Discretion is Key & H [7-30] For Science!
    Side quest: H [7-30] The Battle for Hillsbrad, H [7-30] Do the Right Thing
  4. H [7-30] Little Girl Lost
  5. H [7-30] Freedom for Lydon
  6. H [7-30] Protocol & H [7-30] Do it for Twinkles
  7. H [7-30] Burnside Must Fall
  8. H [7-30] A Blight Upon the Land

Ruins of Southshore

  1. H [7-30] Trouble at Southshore
  2. H [7-30] Studies in Lethality & H [7-30] Green Living & H [7-30] Helcular's Rod Giveth... & H [7-30] Helcular's Command
    Side quest: H [7-30] Angry Scrubbing Bubbles, H [7-30G2] Trail of Filth

Purgation Isle

  1. H [7-30] Can You Smell What the Lok'tar is Cooking? (optional breadcrumb)
  2. H [7-30] *Gurgle* HELP! *Gurgle*
  3. H [7-30] Stormpike Rendezvous
  4. H [7-30] Kasha Will Fly Again
    Side quest: H [7-30] Terrible Little Creatures
  5. H [7-30] The Road to Purgation
  6. H [7-30] They Will Never Expect This...
  7. H [7-30] Heroes of the Horde!

Tarren Mill

Alterac Mountains

  1. H [7-30] Aid of the Frostwolf (breadcrumb in Tarren Mill)
  2. H [7-30] Matters of Loyalty
  3. H [7-30] March of the Stormpike
  4. H [7-30] Breaking the Hand
    1. H [7-30] Cry of the Banshee
    2. H [7-30] Decimation
    3. H [7-30] Infiltration & H [7-30] Deception and Trickery
    4. H [7-30] Domination
  5. H [7-30] Stormpike Apocalypse


Since the quest Warchief's Command: Hillsbrad Foothills! is under the Hillsbrad Foothills category you can accept this quest along with Empires of Dirt.

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