NeutralEmpowering the Hourglass
Start Kairoz [34.5, 53.6]
End Kairoz [34.5, 53.6]
Level 30-35
Type Weekly
Category Timeless Isle
Experience 236000
Rewards 19g 84s 50c 1000 Timeless Coin
Repeatable Yes
Previous N [30-35] The Essence of Time
Next Next Kairoz Vision of Time Quest (starting with N [30-35] A Vision in Time)


Collect Epoch Stones from creatures on the Timeless Isle.


The hourglass gives us glimpses into the streams of time we once walked as easily as a well-worn path.

Gather additional epoch stones, so that we may continue to use the power of the hourglass to delve into the mysteries of the timeways.

The future depends on it.


You will receive: 19g 84s 50c 1000 Timeless Coin


Epoch stones are rare, crystallized temporal essence.


Give me a moment to grind the stones and add them to the hourglass, and we shall see what new events unfold.

It's really quite convenient, I've a particular affinity for specific moments, rather than lengthy chains of events.

The timeways tell me that we will have need of its power many times in the near future.


  • 236000 XP


Stones drop from all mobs on the isle, rarely from non-elites, slightly more commonly from elites, and nearly guaranteed from rares and rare-elites.

This quest is designed to be completed over the course of a week, so don't think it'll take 30 minutes or so.

This quest continues to be available even after the completion of the "visions of the future" questline that it is associated with. It offers the same rewards as before, the only difference is that it no longer offers up another quest that uses the hourglass.



  1. B [30-35] A Flash of Bronze...
  2. B [30-35] Journey to the Timeless Isle
  3. B [30-35] Time Keeper Kairoz
  4. N [30-35] A Timeless Tour & N [30-35] Time In Your Hands
  5. N [30-35] The Essence of Time
  6. N [30-35W] Empowering the Hourglass
  7. Next quest in the series
    1. N [30-35] A Vision in Time
    2. N [30-35] Refining The Vision
    3. N [30-35] Seeking Fate
    4. N [30-35] Hidden Threads
    5. N [30-35] Courting Destiny
    6. N [30-35] One Final Turn


  1. N [30-35] The Last Emperor
  2. N [30-35] Timeless Nutriment
  3. N [30-35] Wayshrines Of The Celestials
  4. N [30-35G Daily] Path of the Mistwalker
  5. N [30-35] Drive Back The Flame
  6. N [30-35G] The Archiereus Of Flame

Rolo's Riddle:

  1. N [30-35] Rolo's Riddle
  2. N [30-35] Rolo's Riddle
  3. N [30-35] Rolo's Riddle

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