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Enacting Immediate Justice

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VenthyrEnacting Immediate Justice
Start Automatic
End Automatic
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Covenant Sanctum
Experience 11,800
Rewards 51g 48s


Name the traitorous house and enact justice.

  • Traitorous house named
  • House leader confronted
  • Traitor defeated


There are likely many in attendance who wish me harm.

I trust you have done your job in determining which house has been working with Andrei?

Once they are named, I trust you will enact immediate justice.


You will receive:

  • 51g 48s
  • 11,800 XP








  1. N [60] Medallion of Desire
  2. N [60] An Estate Within the Old Gate
  3. N [60] The Key to Rebuilding
  4. N [60] Reestablishing the Household
  5. N [60] Reclaiming Thornhill Manor
  6. N [60] A Discreet Entrance
  7. N [60] A Meal and A Deal
  8. N [60] Killing the Messenger
  9. N [60] An Invitation to Treachery
  10. N [60] "Accidental" Arson
  11. N [60] Beautiful, But Deadly
  12. N [60] Mix, Mingle, and Meddle
  13. N [60] Enacting Immediate Justice
  14. N [60] Neither Enemy nor Ally

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