Enchanter's Study
Plot Size Small
Profession Enchanting
Initial Build Cost 50 Garrison Resources & 150g
Level 2 Upgrade Cost 100 Garrison Resources & 300g
Level 3 Upgrade Cost 300 Garrison Resources & 500g
Benefit(s) Enchanting Reagents & Recipes
Enchanter's Study Horde3.jpg
Tier 3 Horde Enchanter's Study

The Enchanter's Study is a small building available for the player to construct in the garrison. It provides work orders to gain ...


The Enchanter's Study creates both the magical precursors that form an enchantment, as well as completed and usable item enchantments.

Building benefits

Level 1
Allows the production of Enchanting items and allows non-Enchanters to disenchant items. Also allows work orders.
Level 2
Allows followers with the Enchanting trait to work here, granting a unique bonus. Also allows up to 3 work orders at one time.
Level 3
Allows up to 5 work orders at one time.





Horde Horde
Alliance Alliance

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