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Enchanted sword

Enchantment refers to a permanent stat bonus that can be added to equipment. Only one such enchantment can be active on that item at a time; subsequent enchantments will overwrite any existing enchantment. However, temporary imbue effects can be applied which stack with existing enchantment effects. Enchantments appear in green font near the bottom of equipment descriptions and are written in a style that distinguishes them from standard stats and effects.

Enchantments provide a variety of effects and can greatly improve gameplay. The cumulative effects of wearing multiple enchanted equipments can potentially exceed that of any one equipment, i.e., it is like having an extra piece of equipment that does not occupy a slot.

There are currently no enchantments available for trinkets. There were also never any enchantments available for items equipped in the relic or ammo equipment slots, which are now removed from the game entirely.

Enchantments which come from the enchanting profession require the services of an enchanter. There are also a number of enchant-granting items, or augments, available from a number of sources. These augments may be crafted by other professions (Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, and Tailoring) or obtained from quests or vendors. There are a number of augments that can be purchased from various quartermasters after gaining reputation with their respective factions.


For full listings of non-socket enchants available, refer to these pages:

  • Enchantments by slot - All enchantments.
  • Enchanting recipes - Enchantments available directly from an enchanter.
  • Augments - Items that grant enchant-like item bonuses, but do not require an enchanter to apply.
    • Armor Kit - Leathercrafted augments for gloves, leggings, boots, and chest armor.
    • Scope - Engineer-crafted augments for ranged weapons.
    • Shield Spike, Ability rogue sprint [Mithril Spurs] - Blacksmith created augments for shields and boots, respectively.
    • Spellthread - Tailor created legging augments.

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"Note that the word enchantments, as used to describe the abilities enchanters imbue in magic items, are distinct from spells of the enchantment school. The word’s context should make its definition clear."[1]