HordeEnding the Blood Trolls
Start Princess Talanji
End Princess Talanji
Level 25-50
Category Nazmir
Experience 16,450 - 17,850
Reputation +150 Talanji's Expedition
Rewards 19g 40s - 23g 40s
Previous H [25-50] Leave None Standing and H [25-50] Improper Burial
Next H [25-50] A Time of Revelation


Grand Ma'da Ateena
Ateena's death would leave the Blood Trolls leaderless.

Kill Ateena, the Matriarch of the blood trolls.


De loa are smiling on us today. De "matriarch" of dese blood trolls, a sick monster named Ateena, is up ahead.

We have a change in plans, <Name>. We will end dis threat now. We kill Ateena and de blood trolls will be thrown into chaos.

She is a powerful hexxer. Go start de fight and I will ambush and catch her off guard.

Let us get moving. We will be back in Zuldazar before de day is over.


You will receive:


Ateena will not get away from us, we have to keep moving.


Princess Talanji says: Best if I stay hidden until de time comes to strike. We will bring down Ateena together!

Attack Ateena:

Grand Ma'da Ateena says: Ah, <player>. Ya here, just like G'huun whispered. I gonna enjoy dis!
Grand Ma'da Ateena says: Poor Talanji! We be da children of a powerful loa. Ya never gonna win like dis, child!
Princess Talanji says: Do not presume to intimidate me, Ateena! I will strike you down, along with dis master of yours!
Grand Ma'da Ateena says: Ya be facin' da power of G'huun! It be hopeless ta try ta stop us. Let me show ya...
Ateena vanishes.
Princess Talanji says: You will not escape me, Ateena! No matter what dark voodoo you command!
Princess Talanji says: She must be nearby. I will not give up, not when we are dis close to killing de leader of dese monsters.


  1. H [25-50] Nazmir
  2. H [25-50] Journey to Nazmir
  3. H [25-50] Nazmir, the Forbidden Swamp
  4. H [25-50] Into The Darkness
  5. H [25-50] Leave None Standing & H [25-50] Improper Burial
  6. H [25-50] Ending the Blood Trolls
  7. H [25-50] A Time of Revelation
  8. H [25-50] The Aid of the Loa

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