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The Endmire.

Runoff from Castle Nathria spilling into the Endmire.

The Endmire is a large marshland located in between the Castle, Ceremony, Village, and Catacombs Wards—across eastern Revendreth. A small section can also be found in the Forest Ward, and another in the Catacombs Ward. It is a place with a different blend of strange, an unnerving warped reality composed of creatures that defy sense and explanation, with a wide assortment of aberrations and colors flitting about in an unchecked bog. Under normal circumstances, the stoneborn would keep these manifestations under control, but now they are simply tossing these strange creatures down.[1] The Dredgers also keep the effects of the mire at bay through anima-fueled torches.[2] The mist is a result of the roots of Revendreth lying exposed, combined with the pollutants that pour out of Castle Nathria and the Halls of Atonement.[3] The Devourers come out of the Endmire and spread like an infestation, and on top of that, they are also able to open portals to summon more of them.[4][5] The Endmire has been growing recently.[6]

It is accessible either through three elevators. The northern elevator connects with Old Gate, the eastern elevator at the limit between it and Edge of Sin that connects with the Halls of Atonement, and an elevator at the limit between it and Feeders' Thicket that connects with the Wildwall. It is also accessible on the ground from the Catacombs of Regret, Feeders' Thicket, Edge of Sin, Decimated Crossroad, or the northeastern part of the Banewood.


  • Originally, the Endmire was described as the final destination of creatures who had moved from realm to realm in the Shadowlands, twisted and misshapen as a result of the anima ending up in the wrong place.[1]
  • The Endmire was referred to as Revmoat during development.
  • While in the Endmire, there's a particle effect in the air that resembles the particle effect when inside the In-Between, the Underrot, and Waycrest Manor.


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