For the Tiragarde Sound bonus objective, see A [10-49B] Enemies at the Gate.
Enemies at the Gate
Location Ashenvale

Sentinels victory




Human Expedition

Commanders and leaders



Human Expedition

Casualties and losses


  • Moderate

Human Expedition

  • Heavy
Next Daughters of the Moon
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Enemies at the Gate is chapter 1 of the Eternity's End campaign. It is the first victory of the night elves against the human-orc alliance. It is also the first attack of the Burning Legion in Ashenvale.

Loading screen

With the heroic sacrifice of Grom Hellscream, the pit lord Mannoroth was slain, and the demon curse that had plagued the orcs was put to an end. However, the combined human and orc forces have moved deeper into Ashenvale Forest to ascertain whether a demonic threat still lingers in the land.

Tyrande Whisperwind, the leader of the night elf Sentinels, believes that the outlanders will bring only doom to her enchanted homeland.


Neutral enemies


The mission began when Tyrande Whisperwind and Shandris Feathermoon were discussing the strange shadow in the land. Shandris suggested it is the Greenskins who killed Cenarius. Tyrande sent out a scout to investigate. They then proceded to watch Duke Lionheart break up a squabble between an Orc Grunt and a Human Footman. Duke Lionheart explained that they must cooperate because of the Human-Orc Alliance. Tyrande declared their presence was a sacrilege to nature. Tyrande then began constructing an outpost. She met a Furbolg Shaman, whose tribe was about to migrate because of an "Evil Presence" in the land, but some of the tribe members were missing and unaccounted for. Tyrande successfully found them all and escorted them back to their village. The shaman left a few Furbolgs to aid the Night Elves. Tyrande then proceeded to lead her forces into battle and slew Duke Lionheart.

Immediately afterward, the Burning Legion and the Undead Scourge attacked, destroying the remnants of the Human-Orc Base and began killing Night Elves. Tyrande ordered her remaining warriors to retreat back to the woods. A single pandaren is seen fleeing the scene a moment before the undead attack began.


Main Quests

Availablequest BTNAncientOfTheEarth.png Night Elf Base

  • Entangle a gold mine
  • Construct a Moon Well
  • Construct an Ancient of War
  • Train 5 Archers

Night Elf bases are more than mere trees: they are living, extended organisms that can uproot and move through the forests when attacked.

Availablequest BTNAncientOfTheMoon.png Invaders

  • Slay the Paladin

The Orcs and Humans have set up a base in the Ashenvale Forest. Tyrande Whisperwind, protector of the Night Elves, has sworn to destroy all that enter the forest uninvited.

Optional Quests

Availablequest BTNFurbolgShaman.png Furbolg Village

  • Locate 10 Missing Furbolgs

The Furbolgs are moving deeper into the forests of Ashenvale. Their tribal elder senses something evil spreading through the land. Before the tribe can leave, all of the wandering Furbolgs need to be escorted back to their village.



Tyrande looks out over the forests from atop a tall cliff. Shandris runs up beside her.
IconSmall Shandris.gif Shandris Feathermoon: Pardon, Priestess, but you've been staring out across Ashenvale for hours.
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: I sense something dark stirring within the forests, Shandris. It feels as if it's heading this way.
IconSmall Shandris.gif Shandris Feathermoon: The greenskins who killed Cenarius?
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: Perhaps. Perhaps something more.
Tyrande summons an Owl Scout to check on a nearby orc and human base.
IconSmall Human Male.gif Duke Lionheart: Put your backs into it! Jaina and the orc warchief expect this base to be built swiftly!
IconSmall Human Male.gif Footman: Bah! We shouldn't even be here! Or siding with the orcs.
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Grunt: We're here to hunt the remaining demons, human. You're lucky our goals are the same.
IconSmall Human Male.gif Duke Lionheart: All right, you men! Mind your business! Back to work!
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: So, these orcs and humans presume to run rampant through our lands? They will regret ever stepping foot into Ashenvale. We will establish a base and deal with these outlanders as they deserve.

During the Mission

  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: The tree of life is the heart of our night elf villages. Use the tree's ability to entangle the gold mine. After entangling the mine, send wisps in to extract gold.
  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: Wisps are friendly spirits that harvest gold and lumber for our villages. They also create the structures that allow us to train more warriors.
  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: The moon wells are the source of our nourishment and strength. You can build additional moon wells to nourish more troops.
  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: To train more troops, construct an ancient of war.
  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: Bandu thoribas, mortals! You will pay for defiling these lands!
  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: How dare you call us demons! It is you mongrels who threaten this land!
  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: You outlanders will answer for Cenarius' death! Ana duna thera!
  • IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: I am the justice of Elune! The goddess' wrath is infallible!

Optional Mission

IconSmall Furbolg.gif Furbolg Shaman: We are preparing to leave this place, Priestess. There is a terrible evil corrupting these lands, and I will not allow it to consume my people. Unfortunately, we cannot leave until the rest of our tribe is accounted for.
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: Do not fear, old one. I will find your tribesman and lead them back to you.
IconSmall Furbolg.gif Furbolg Shaman: Thank you, Priestess. We will reward you when you return.
IconSmall Furbolg.gif Furbolg Shaman: Many thanks, Priestess. Now we can evacuate the village. Please accept the aid of our champion. He will protect your life with his own.
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: Your offer is very generous one. May Elune light your path to safety.

Mission Complete

Ominous laughter suddenly fills the air as fire rains from the sky over the human and orc base. Demons and undead appear and begin ravaging the settlement, quickly overwhelming the defenders.
IconSmall Orc Male.gif Grunt: It's the undead! Defend yourselves!
IconSmall Human Male.gif Footman: They must have followed us from Lordaeron!
IconSmall NightElf Female.gif Archer: Elune save us! The dead advance in waves!
IconSmall Tyrande.gif Tyrande Whisperwind: Quickly, my sisters, back to the trees! We are no match for a force this vast. (order of lines reversed in WC3:Reforged)


Human Expedition


  • Shandris appears as a regular archer unit instead of her normal night elf ranger hero unit model in the opening cutscene.
  • The orcs use Pig Farms instead of Burrows.
  • A group of orcish raiders managed to assault a furbolg outpost and capture their inhabitants, which can be saved for the related quest.
  • In the ending cutscene, a pandaren can be seen running away with some deer.
WC3Reforged-icon.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reforged.
  • Shandris is a playable unit and uses a special archer model instead of the regular one.
  • Duke Lionheart uses a Kul Tiran paladin model (with a sword) as seen in the Durotar campaign, instead of the regular one (with a hammer).