Enemies at the Gates

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NeutralEnemies at the Gates
Start Hunt-Captain Korayn [56.0, 57.6]
End Droman Aliothe [59.9, 53.2]
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 850
Rewards 2g 52s 70c
Previous N [58] Missing!
Next N [58] Battle for Hibernal Hollow


Reach Droman Aliothe in Hibernal Hollow.


Lorkron is here.

I tracked him all the way from the Glittering Falls. Then I saw the Drust try to flank our forces.

I'd say they were rather surprised that we turned the tables against them.

<Korayn's smile is fierce. She lifts her weapon and her voice to address all present.>

Huntsmen and huntresses, with me! We ride to defend the grove! Take no prisoners and leave none standing!


You will receive:

  • 2g 52s 70c
  • 850 XP


This attack... It is like they are being driven!


On accept, the phase changes as Blighted Invaders, Witherscorn Annihilators, and Witherscorn Rotmages lay siege to Hibernal Hollow:

Hunt-Captain Korayn yells: Wild Hunt, with me! For Ardenweald!

Ignore the combat and return to Aliothe.


  1. N [58] The Forest Has Eyes and N [58] The Droman's Call
  2. N [58] Missing!
  3. N [58] Enemies at the Gates
  4. N [58] Battle for Hibernal Hollow
  5. N [58] Dying Dreams
  6. N [58] Awaken the Dreamer
  7. N [58] The Court of Winter
  8. N [58] The Queen's Request

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