Energy is represented as a yellow bar under the health bar.

Energy is the primary resource used by rogues, druids in [Cat Form] and Brewmaster and Windwalker monks. Energy regenerates at a fixed rate of 1 energy every decisecond (i.e. every one tenth of a second), in and out of combat, and is under most circumstances capped at 100. This makes energy a very fast-regenerating and fast-depletable resource. Certain energy-using rotations may benefit from energy pooling to maximize efficiency.

Pool size, regeneration rate and energy restoration

The size of the energy pool and the regeneration rate are both constant - they do not increase with levels, but certain talents and abilities can affect energy regen and maximum energy. In addition, some talents, abilities, items and equipment effects can restore lost energy or allow free usage of abilities that would otherwise require energy. Haste also increases energy regeneration rate, but its effects are negligible unless your character stacks a considerable amount of Haste (regen rate increases by roughly 1 energy per second for every 10% Haste).


Rogue (7.0.3)

  • All Specs
    • [Vigor] increases maximum energy by 50, and increases energy regeneration rate by 10%.
    • [Alacrity] grants a stacking Haste buff that lasts for 20 seconds and is based on the combo points spent in your finishing moves, giving a small increase to energy regeneration in extended periods of combat. Each combo point spent per finishing move gives a 20% chance to increase Haste by 1% (i.e., 100% chance on a 5 CP finisher); this buff stacks up to a maximum of 20% Haste and refreshes its timer each time it procs, even at maximum stacks.
  • Assassination
  • Outlaw
    • [Adrenaline Rush] increases attack speed by 20% and energy regeneration rate by 100% for 15 seconds.
    • [Saber Slash] has a base 35% chance of hitting twice, which triggers Opportunity and allows a free use of [Pistol Shot], saving 40 energy.
    • [Dirty Tricks] removes the energy cost for [Gouge], [Blind], [Cheap Shot] and [Sap].
    • [Roll the Bones] is a finishing move that grants players a randomly-selected buff or set of buffs, with duration based on the number of combo points used; there are a total of six buffs that branch off of this ability, and you can receive anywhere from one to all six of these buffs on any given roll. Buffs do not stack or carry over from one roll to the next, and the chance of gaining multiple buffs decreases exponentially as the number of buffs increases. With regards to energy usage and regeneration, these are the most pertinent buffs:
      • Ability rogue rollthebones05.png Buried Treasure increases your base energy regeneration rate by 25%.
      • Ability rogue rollthebones01.png Jolly Roger increases the chance for [Saber Slash] to hit twice by 25%; in turn, this increases the likelihood of gaining procs of Opportunity and allows for more free uses of [Pistol Shot].
      • Ability rogue rollthebones02.png Grand Melee increases Leech by 25% and attack speed by 50%; higher attack speed leads to increased chance of triggering [Combat Potency].
      • Ability rogue rollthebones07.png Broadsides causes abilities to grant 1 additional combo point. This buff enables you to gain more stacks of [Alacrity] and thereby build more Haste in a shorter amount of time.
      • Ability rogue rollthebones04.png True Bearing causes your finishing moves to reduce the cooldowns of many of your abilities by 2 seconds per combo point spent. Importantly, this buff indirectly increases energy regen by reducing the cooldown of [Adrenaline Rush], which gives it more uptime during long encounters.
    • [Combat Potency] gives your off-hand attacks a chance to restore 15 energy, dependent on weapon speed (55.7% base chance for swords, maces, axes and fist weapons; 38.6% base chance for daggers). Abilities such as [Adrenaline Rush] and Ability rogue rollthebones02.png Grand Melee synergize well with this passive from the way that they increase the likelihood that it will proc thanks to the increased attack speed.
    • [Blade Flurry] deals 35% of your normal damage to all nearby enemies, but reduces energy regeneration by 20% when active.
  • Subtlety


  • [Omen of Clarity] (Feral Combat and Restoration passive) grants a chance to reduce the energy cost of the next ability by 100%.
  • Feral Combat
    • The [Berserk] talent reduces energy cost of cat abilities by 50% when activated.




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Armor set bonuses from all expansions prior to Warlords of Draenor have been removed; the text for these bonuses remains in the item descriptions, but the bonus itself will not take effect.


  • Nightslayer Armor 5 set bonus: Increases your maximum energy by 10.
  • Bonescythe Armor 4 set bonus: Your Backstab, Sinister Strike, and Hemorrhage critical hits cause you to regain 5 energy.
  • Assassination Armor 4 set bonus: Reduces the energy cost of Eviscerate and Envenom by 10.
  • Gladiator's Vestments 4 set bonus: Increases your maximum energy by 30. (Any combination of Season 1, 2, 3, and/or 4 will give the bonus.)


  • Malorne Harness 2 set bonus: Your melee attacks in Cat Form have a chance to generate 20 additional energy.
  • Thunderheart Harness 2 set bonus: Reduces the energy cost of your Mangle ability in Cat Form by 5.

Patch changes

  • Wrath of the Lich King Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14): Energy no longer uses the "tick" system and instead regenerates in real time. Regeneration went from 20 energy per tick to 1 energy per decisecond.

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