Engineer "Spark" Overgrind

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NeutralEngineer "Spark" Overgrind
Image of Engineer "Spark" Overgrind
Title <Envoy of Mekkatorque>
Gender Male
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 1-30
Class Engineer
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Odesyus' fleet, Gnomeregan (feigned); Venture Company, Kael'thas Sunstrider, Burning Legion
Former affiliation(s) Alliance
Location Azuremyst Isle, Odesyus' Landing
Status Killable

Engineer "Spark" Overgrind is a gnome who wanders the beach near Odesyus' Landing in the draenei starting zone of Azuremyst Isle. He is the emissary of High Tinker Mekkatorque, traveling along with Admiral Odesyus. He appears to have a fondness for collecting seashells.


Admiral Odesyus discovers that there is a traitor in his midst, someone who has sold out his fleet, and the draenei people, to the Venture Co. The Admiral calls upon a draenei adventurer to discover the truth of who exactly had betrayed him. After creating a disguise to pass off as a tree in order to eavesdrop on a secret meeting between the traitor and Geezle, the leader of the Venture Co. expedition. It is revealed that "Spark" is in fact the traitor, and the Admiral calls upon the adventurer to kill him and discover who gave him his orders. The orders turned out to be from Kael'thas Sunstrider.

Odesyus and several other members of his crew had known Spark for years. After Spark was revealed to have been working with the Burning Legion against the Alliance, it was noted that they could never have imagined that Spark was a traitor (but also that they never liked him, either).


Wandering around the beach

While Engineer "Spark" Overgrind wanders around the beach, collecting seashells, he says 1 out of 6 random quotes, followed by 1 out of 3 random emotes, when he finds a shell:

Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: A-ha! Found one!
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: Another one!
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: Oh that's a big one!
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: It's ironic, I hate the ocean but I love the beach.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: I wonder if you can really hear the ocean in these things.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: Yes Master, all goes along as planned.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind places the shell in his pack.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind examines the shell.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind holds the shell up to his ear.

Conversation with Geezle

During the quest A [9] Tree's Company, the following dialogue takes place, the first mention of his affiliation:

Engineer "Spark" Overgrind picks up the naga flag.
Geezle says: What's the big idea, Spark? Why'd you call for this meeting?
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: What's the big idea? You nearly blew my cover, idiot! I told you to put the compass and navigation maps somewhere safe - not out in the open for any fool to discover.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: The Master has gone to great lengths to secure information about the whereabouts of the Exodar. You could have blown the entire operation, including the cover of our spy on the inside.
Geezle says: Relax, Spark! I have it all under control. We'll strip mine the Exodar right out from under 'em - making both you and I very, very rich in the process.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: Relax? Do you know what Kael'thas does to those that fail him, Geezle? Eternal suffering and pain... Do NOT screw this up, fool.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: Our Bloodmyst scouts must have located our contact. The fool, Velen, will soon leave himself open and defenseless -- long enough for us to strike! Now get out of my sight before I vaporize you...
Geezle says: Yes, sir. It won't happen again...

Confrontation with the adventurer

The following dialogue takes place when the player confronts Overgrind in the quest A [9] Show Gnomercy:

Can't you see that I'm busy?

Gossip It's over, Spark. The admiral knows it was you who betrayed the Alliance. Now you're either going to cooperate with me and tell me everything that you know or we're going to engage in some fisticuff.

Engineer "Spark" Overgrind laughs.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: Does it frighten you to know that there are those would serve the Legion with such devotion as to remain unwavering citizens of your pointless civilizations until called upon?
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: Live in fear, die by the will of Kael'thas... It's all the same.
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: And now, I cut you!
Engineer "Spark" Overgrind says: DIE!

The Traitor's Communication

The message from Kael'thas found after killing Overgrind reads:

Traitor's Communication


Several years worth of planning has been lost. The draenei and their pitiful leader have escaped the Master's grasp once again! What's more, they have stolen MY vessel and crashed it upon Azeroth!

While it is true that the Master's eredar agent has failed, she was able to transmit the Exodar's location to us. Fortuitously, her identity is still a mystery to the draenei. We may still be able to user her for our purposes.

Contact our spy and prepare for a full scale assault upon the draenei. Kill them all and recover my vessel. You are the only link I have on Azeroth that is able to repair the damage the brutes inflicted upon the Exodar.

Do not fail me, gnome. Should your lust for riches interfere with my orders, you will spend eternity in prayer. You'll pray for death to come and release you from the tortures I'll unleash should you falter.

-King Sunstrider

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