Engineering Labs

Engineering Labs are located within Gnomeregan, and can be reached from three entrances: two on the upper level and one on the lower.

The Engineering Labs feature two levels with an open lift platform running between. Numerous leper gnomes and other mechanical contraptions roam the room.

Upper Level

As with the other two-level rooms in Gnomeregan, this is a circuit of paths around the perimeter of the room which appear to be open to the level below. Unlike the other rooms, however, there is an invisible barrier here preventing one from falling or jumping to the level below except at the lift.

Lower Level

  • On the west side is a small tunnel that leads to the main tunnel running between the Launch Bay and Tinkers' Court.
  • Also on the west side are the only three Matrix Punchograph 3005-Ds: two are in the entrance to the tunnel; one is nestled against the mechanical structure in the center of the room.