Enraged By Hatred

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NeutralEnraged By Hatred

Dusklight Hollow
Start Taoshi [67.3, 80.8]
End Taoshi [67.3, 80.8]
Level 89 (Requires 88)
Category Townlong Steppes
Experience 196000
Reputation +100 Shado-Pan
Rewards Item level 429 cloaks
Previous N [89] Along the Southern Front
Next N [89] Joining the Fight


Scorpid nest in Dusklight Hollow

Kill 9 Seething Fleshrippers.


These scorpions are infected with sha. It seems to have driven out of their hole and into our camp, hatred seething at invaders in their territory.

We need to clear the scorpions and secure the camp. Kill any you find.


Item level 429 cloaks
Inv cape panprog b 02.png [Cloak of the Hollow] Inv cape pandaria b 03.png [Cloak of Seething Hatred]
Inv cape pandaria b 01.png [Scorpion Drape] Inv cape pandaria b 04.png [Fleshripper Cape]
Inv cape panprog b 01.png [Dusklight Drape]

You will also receive: 11g


The Sha of Hatred's passing did this to them. I doubt this is the only thing that will have been affected by it's passing.


Good. What's left of the camp will be a bit safer.



Pick up N [89] Taking Stock before heading out.

Start killing scorpions and looting arrows in groups of 4 to 19. More scorpid can be found in the nest to the southeast of the main ruined camp.


Optional breadcrumb: N [89] Along the Southern Front

  1. N [89] Enraged By Hatred & N [89] Taking Stock
  2. N [89] Joining the Fight
  3. N [89] Up In Flames
  4. N [89] The Taking of Dusklight Bridge

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