Enraged Silverback Gorilla

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MobEnraged Silverback Gorilla
Image of Enraged Silverback Gorilla
Race Gorilla (Beast)
Level 10-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Cape of Stranglethorn
Pet family Gorilla

Enraged Silverback Gorillas do not spawn naturally. They only spawn in a cave in the Cape of Stranglethorn after you turn in N [33] The Heart of Mokk at Witch Doctor Unbagwa. This gorilla constitutes the first wave on the way to acquiring  [Heart of Mokk].


While the player is on N [33] Stranglethorn Fever, he can turn in one [Gorilla Fang] at witch doctor Unbagwa, who then spawns three waves of mobs. Enraged Mistvale Gorilla resembles the first wave, the second being Konda and finally Mokk the Savage.

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